Relocating To Your First Place

  • 19.12.2017
  • 1515

Moving long distance is a worrisome milestone whether you’re doing it for the first time or upgrading to a better place. This process comes with a lot of responsibilities that need to be handled carefully to ensure that everything moves along smoothly. Once you have made the confirmation of your relocation, you will need to take care of a couple of things:

Prior to the Relocation

There are a few tasks that’ll require your attention prior to your possessions being loaded onto the truck and set for the destination. Some of these things will be quite challenging to accomplish if your belongings are already on the road, so it would pay off to handle them as soon as you can. They include:

  • Rid your place of pests: this can be accomplished on your own or by hiring an expert exterminator. The latter is always the best option since they will come with the expertise required to handle the job at hand. Even so, you can tackle the task yourself if your home is not prone to infestation.
  • Clean your new place: professional cleaning services may not be necessary if your new place is brand new. Even so, you will need to take care of dust long before any of your possessions are delivered to your destination.
  • Buy some food: you will have too much going on the day you relocate that cooking may not land on your list of agenda. Therefore, ensure you visit the grocery store for some food and snacks to ensure you don’t go hungry on your first day.
  • Label all containers: The last thing you want once your items are delivered is to have to encounter the trouble of looking through every container just to know what is inside and where to put it. Even if your relocating team labels your containers, go ahead and add some of your own to make it easier when arranging.

Once you get to your Destination

Depending on how far your new place is, you could arrive at your destination in a few hours or a couple of days. Here are a couple of things you’ll require to take care of once you get there:

  • Install curtains: it may not seem like a necessity during the day, but you do not want the night to come, and everyone can see into your house. Additionally, the sun can be an unwelcome distraction in the morning. Therefore, put in the blinds and curtains immediately you get to your home.
  • Locate the water valve and fuse box: this should be done even if you will not have to reset them for a long time. Knowing where they are, will eliminate the trouble of looking for them in the dark when issues arise.
  • Have the locks changed: even if you do not do it immediately you arrive, have it done as soon as possible. You do not know how many copies of house keys the previous owners gave out.
  • Recycle your organizing equipment: instead of trashing all the items you used for packing, you can sell them or donate to other Halifax movers if they are in good condition.
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