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The Flexible Way to Move Long-Distance with Atlantic Coast Movers

Relocating periods can lay a lot of stress on home and office owners. Hence, one will
need some extra help to get through this testing period without losing it. Atlantic Coast Movers, being one of the most prestigious relocating firms in Canada, stands as a viable option to take you through your move. We are well known for our provision of the long haul, car transport, storage, and organizing solutions. Additionally, our services are offered at client friendly costs that are hard to beat in this business.

Our Halifax moving specialists are extensively skilled in developing the best plan that will work for your relocations. Therefore, you can say goodbye to those stress butterflies when you work with us. When moving with Atlantic Coast Movers be sure you will have a smooth, stress-free move. All the possessions are in safe hands! Halifax Movers will take care of all the heavy lifting, just give us a call.

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Three Best Rated Moving Companies in Canada

Professional and convenient moving is our specialty

Atlantic Coast Movers, one of Canada’s most respected relocation companies on three best rated .ca

Relocating to Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, or to the USA does not have to be a hustle with Atlantic Coast Movers. Our moving experts offer convenient relocation solutions that ensure your pieces arrive at their destination in one piece. Most long-haul agencies limit their moving services to the big day alone.

However, Atlantic Coast Movers offer a wide range of moving services including:


What others are saying about Atlantic Coast Movers

Trenda H. Fredericton NB

Our experience with Atlantic Coast Movers was a positive one. Thank you Stan for your patience and answering all my questions. We also had very polite and hard working young men moving our items with care. Thank you for making…

Judi Q. Toronto ON

My experience with Atlantic was worthwhile from start to end. Office was easy to work with and very helpful. I valued their in-depth estimate system which stayed within my budget. I did all my own packing of boxes etc but…

Glymi T. Moncton NB

We have a small home and were quite intimidated by it all. The movers loaded everything up carefully and efficiently and put my mind at ease. At delivery, it all went just as smoothly. I will recommend them to my…

Hiren A. Halifax NS

The team is well experienced and professional. Movers and co-ordinators are very responsive and on-time. This company has the best rates in the market. There was not a single item which was damaged in our long distant move.

Why You Should Choose Atlantic Coast Movers

Organizing and arranging:

we offer partial organizing moving services, which cater to the packing of specific belongings, and all-encompassing organizing solutions that involve handling all items. Unpacking can also be done at your new residence at a reasonable charge. This will help you settle in much faster than you would when arranging by yourself.

Taking apart and putting together pieces:

some items that are bulky and complicated may raise issues of disassembly. This includes pianos, hot tubs, electronic equipment, and furniture pieces. Reassembly is done upon destination arrival.

Car transit:

when it comes to relocating your car, you can entrust us to get your automobile from one part of the country to the other. We handle our clients’ cars with utmost care to ensure that it does not get as much as a scratch on it. Halifax moving service is not limited to long-distance hauls and can be done for short relocations.


all the members of our various teams are trained to do what they do to the best of their capabilities. They are taught to handle goods with care and that the client always comes first.

Vast computerized communication system:

our communication system covers the whole of Canada, which enables us to tell where your shipment is upon request. We can also effectively communicate with our drivers twice a day and track their movements. Another element such as the weight and capacity of your goods is available on this system.

Free five weeks storage solution:

if your house is not ready to be moved into or your belongings will be going ahead of you, you should consider having them stored until you can get to them. We have facilities that can cater to this requirement. Our storage facilities come with a five-week free storage service, and any storage beyond that time will need to be communicated two weeks before the promo expires. Fees are paid monthly, but this can be changed if the contract entails long-term storage.


all the belongings we handle are tagged and put in inventory. This avoids losing any items and keeping track of their condition during the transit process. Once the items are unloaded, they are checked on the inventory and placed in their assigned rooms.


Yes, we do. The fee for shipping a car or a bike is to be determined by the model of the vehicle and distance between the addresses. The car might be shipped separately from the goods due to space availability in the vehicle.

If your apartment is located on top floors, reserve the elevator beforehand to facilitate the efficiency of the long distance move.

Liability Insurance: Offers the minimum protection for your goods at no additional cost. The maximum basic liability of our company is calculated by multiplying the weight of your shipment by $0.60.

Extended Liability Insurance: The maximum liability of our company is calculated by multiplying the weight of your shipment by $2. The cost of this coverage plan is $30 per 1000 lbs.

Valuation Coverage: Under this plan, items are refunded in full (when the item is no longer functional) or their repair cost is refunded in full (based on their valuation at the moment of pick up).  Contact your agent to check the cost of this coverage plan. Damaged or lost boxes will be compensated at the rate of $2/lb.

Early planning will help you save money during your long distance move. While doing some of the moving tasks yourself such as packing. However, proper planning, prior research, and help from your friends might speed up the process. You can always get in touch with our company for assistance.

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