Selling On Craigslist Before Moving

  • 05.06.2019
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Craigslist is recognized as one of the most prominent online market places that witness millions of sales annually. Despite it being a convenient platform for buyers and sellers, Craigslist is not short of risks, the most common being scam artists. In some cases, one could be placed in actual physical danger. Even so, there is a way to use this option to make your wallet heavier, and Long Distance Movers in Halifax provide some of the tips they have collected over the years.

Prioritize Your Security

Due to the lack of physical interaction when making Craigslist sales, your safety is the best bet on when one or more friends are with you during the exchange. Avoid making your home the meeting point, especially if you are going to be alone. Public meetups are the most advisable, and even then, have a trusted companion with you. If circumstances force the sale to happen at your place, have some people over, and let it go down in your open garage to keep you in sight of neighbors. In the case of an apartment building, meet the buyer outside, and avoid disclosing your unit number.

Use Cash

Reports indicate that scam artists are drawn to sellers using cheques, credit cards, and other forms of virtual payment. Dealing in cash gives you the advantage of having the money you need at hand without having to wait for anything to clear.

Have an Ideal Post

Applying safety measures does not do much to sell your product in craigslist. Making some money requires you to appeal to clients and make effective sales using the tips below:

  • Have several listings

Put everything you need to get rid of up for sale at the same time without waiting for a particular season. Begin by creating a listing, and then include other belongings that would go with it. For instance, you can add cushions and throw blankets if you’re selling a bed. Include top-of-the-range descriptions for each item to paint a clear picture of what clients will be getting and its features. Additionally, link the pages for things you put up.

  • Know what and how to sell

Craigslist is especially famous for the sale of large possessions such as furniture. Smaller pieces fare better in auction websites the likes of eBay. If you still want to sell them in addition to bigger pieces, conduct your sales like auction houses. With this method, you’ll have to create lots consisting of items that would go with the large possessions and some that won’t. Once completed, stipulate that when purchasing a lot, the buyer has to take everything in the package.

  • Take A1 photos

In most cases, people are more drawn to what they see than what they read. Therefore, ensure to take pictures that do your items the most justice. Snap the photos in good lighting so each detail can be visible, even imperfections.

Closing Thoughts

Craigslist is an easy and fast way to increase the size of your wallet, but some preparation still has to go into the process. Once you have made a sale, make sure you have a trusted party with you when conducting the exchange.

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