How To Meet New People In Your Neighborhood After Moving

  • 02.01.2018
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Whether you’re moving to Saint John, across New Brunswick  or to another province or to another country, feeling like you’re part of a community and neighborhood takes time and effort on your part. Use these tips for settling in after a move and getting acquainted with your new home and city more quickly.


Volunteering is always the easiest way to get involved in your local community and a great way to make new friends and at the same time, feel like you’re making a difference.

Find a local organization which supports your interests, then visit their office to find out how to help. With volunteering, a minimum amount of hours are usually required, however, this can range from just a couple to a full-time commitment. In addition, unlike people you might meet at a place of employment, volunteers are usually made up of different kinds of people, with varying backgrounds, interests and employment histories. This can lead to further networking and job possibilities if you’ve moved to your new town without a job or are hoping to find a new employer.

Join a Club

Even if you’re not too much into clubs or joining a group, it’s a good way to combine your interests with meeting new people. Again, think about what interests you whether it’s a sport, such as hiking or skiing or walking, or a hobby, such as reading, investments or photography – most towns and certainly large cities will have a wide variety of clubs from which to choose.

Plus, joining a group through Meetups or through other online sources can be a great way to find Local Clubs, Activities and Groups to Join.

Take a Class

Find a local class to join, whether through a community center or through an art store. The best place to start looking is at your local recreation and small colleges.

Painting, languages, even belly dancing can not only teach you new skills, but will help you get acquainted with people in your new neighborhood.  And keep you in shape.

Attend Neighborhood Events

Every neighborhood has events whether it’s a block party or a garage sale going on two streets over from your home. Regardless, look for signs, show up and start mingling. You’ll find that the more events you attend, the more those new faces will become old friends and the more you’ll be thought of as a local.

Get out in the Neighborhood

This is by far the easiest thing to do – get out, walk and see the new neighborhood. You don’t need to go far, but the more you’re seen on the streets, the more people will reach out to you. If you moved with your dog, then get out to the local dog park – there’s nothing that works better than chatting with a fellow dog owner.  And if you have kids, even better. Take them to the local park where you’ll find parents and where your kids will find new friends.

Throw a House-warming Party

Your neighbors might not throw you a welcome party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw your own get-together.  Invite all your neighbors, parents from the new school and even old friends if they live close by.

Make sure you notify your immediate neighbors not only as a polite gesture because of potential noise and parked cars but also to make sure they attend.

Sit on Your Front Porch, Spend Time Outside and Introduce Yourself

This might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t spend time on their front porch or in their front yards where people have a chance to meet.  Reach out and introduce yourself if no one approaches you – sometimes just a wave and a smile are enough.

All those tips will help you to socialize in a new place after your relocation. If you just think of moving to a new city or province, contact Miracle Movers to provide you the best moving quote!

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