How To Prepare A Slate Billiard Table For Relocation

  • 05.10.2018
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A slate pool table can be plenty of fun. However, it can be quite a headache to relocate it. Since it is huge, the best way to have it transported is to put the pieces apart so that it can be easier to carry and reduce the chances of it getting dented or hurting someone. Below are eight easy ways by St. John’s Long Distance Moving Service through which you can do just that.

Before getting started, one will require some implements to help with the process such as:

  • A flat-headed drill and Phillip’s head bits
  • Fourteen and Fifteen-millimeter socket wrenches and ratchet wrenches for the drill
  • Staple puller or a screwdriver with a flat head
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Moving blankets
  • Plastic wrap
  • A carton or container for hardware and accessories
  • Markers
  • Plastic Ziploc kits
  1. Take out the pocket liners from the table

Always bear in mind that protection is very vital when it comes to pulling apart a pool table. It is suggested to get eye goggles so that your eyes can be protected from any fallouts. If the table has pocket liners, then they should be detached by getting rid of the staples and screws clasping the pocket bands. The staples can be dealt with by a flat-headed screwdriver in place of a staple remover. After they are off, squeeze the sides of the pocket and push it down through the apron. Do this for all six of them, and in case the tacks are still on the pockets, get rid of them to avoid any damages as it is being transported.

  1. Dismantle the rail bolts

The next thing is to remove the rail bolts. Go under the table and unscrew them using a socket wrench attachment for the drill. They usually have three bolts, which means there will be eighteen rail bolts to remove. However, check that you do not interfere with the smaller apron bolts. Set them in a case and tag.

If the slate table is of an older model, the rails could be attached in two places with dissimilar bolts, and if that is the case, then you will require a forked tool. You can easily find one at a pool table provision store or order them online.

  1. Take off the corner miters

After the rail bolts are done, get the rails off the table with some assistance. Turn it over and place it back on the table. Every corner has two casting brackets that can be removed by a flat-head bit. When the screws and brackets are detached, the corner pieces of the rail system can now get off. Carry them in a separate bag that is sealed and labeled.

  1. Disconnect the aprons

There are generally four aprons attached to the rails. Remove the bolt and hold on to the apron as the final pin comes off so that it does not fall. Wrap the sections in a blanket to keep it them protected and then secure this with pieces of tape on each end. The plastic moving wrap is the best to use since it does not stick to furniture and thus won’t spoil the pool table. After that, put the hardware in a plastic bag that should be sealed and labeled.

  1. Remove the pocket casting and rails

Loosen and take out the bolts on the pocket casting using the fourteen-millimeter ratchet wrench. The nuts and bolts are usually twelve in total, and once they are out, put them in a separate bag, seal and label it then put the castings in a carton.

After the castings are gone, now wrap and pack the rails the same way we did for the aprons, by wrapping three of them per blanket and securing the ends with wrap.

  1. Take out the felt

You will need the staple puller and needle-nose pliers for this. Also, so that the staples do not get lost, get a magnetic bowl to drop them in. Do not rush through this process as you could end up spoiling the felt if you are too harsh with the staples. Slip the puller under the staple, twist and pop it out. Lest it fails to come out, then get them out with the needle-nose pliers.

Some felt is usually glued instead. If that is the case, cautiously pull the edge of it backward, slowly working your way over the rest of the table. When you are finished, fold it neatly while not putting too much force on the fold lines so that they do not get wrinkles or creases. To keep it safe and dry, carry the felt in a watertight plastic bag.

  1. Take out the slate pieces

There are usually four slate screws in every slate piece. Unbolt them using a screw and put them in a plastic baggie that should be labeled and sealed so that they do not get misplaced. Before the slates are detached, label them according to the order they were removed, so that you can know which order to put them back in. Indicate the mid-section too. Once all the screws are removed, and the slates labeled, lift the slates and put them on their sides. These parts are usually quite hefty, so get someone to aid you with this stage.

  1. Undo the frame

Turn the table and unscrew the legs, checking that the pieces are cautiously kept in a separate plastic bag. Wrap the sections of the frame using a blanket and fasten that with wrap. After all this, your table is ready to be moved.

With these tips, you won’t have to get the services of a skilled mover to take apart the pool table as the process will be easy and simple to do on your own. Just get enough help, and try not to rush through it.

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