How To Safeguard Yourself Against Moving Scam

  • 05.03.2018
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Hopefully, you’ll be reading this article before selecting a reliable and trustworthy mover for the move. But even if the unfortunate incident already happened to you, it’s good to know what you can do to ensure you are never pressed against the wall again, wondering what to do when the relocation team is late.

Here we prepared a few safety steps that need’s to be taken to avoid a moving fraud altogether. 1st the most importantly, you have to do your homework on your moving service well in advance deciding to book their services.

The moving agency you end up picking for your relocation should

Be well balanced. Trustworthy local moving companies offer reasonably valued quality moving services, and their written moving quotes and their tariffs should be clear understandable and precise. Getting a very low offer (in comparison to the other moving estimates you have been given) is almost always a tattletale sign that something is wrong, so resist the urge to take the lowest bidder.

Be properly authorized

Legitimate local moving companies and brokers are always listed with the MTO Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration. Ensure you check the movers’ licensing information here, or call MTO at 1-800-387-3445 or 416-235-2999 (within or GTA) for licensingand insurance info.

Have good online status

Read moving reviews, customer recommendations, and ratings before making a decision. As a general rule, avoid moving firms whose feedback is mostly negative. You can access one of the biggest databases of user-generated moving reviews on the internet on, or

Be insured

Legitimate moving services are always adequately insured. Do not forget to ask about the furniture insurance plan they have.

Look and sound reliable. When it’s trusted moving service it has to have a decent website with all the information that might be helpful for consumers, licensing and insurance info as well as their contacts. Ensure the movers have a working landline dealing with a moving service strictly by cell phone is not a good idea and should be avoided if you can.

Not look skeptical in any way

There are a few red flags to show you that something is wrong with a certain moving companies and to help you keep away. Turn down any moving agency that answers the phone by “Movers” instead of giving its actual company name, demands payment by cash only (genuine companies should offer a variety of payment options) or a large deposit before the move, refuses to give you a full value protection for your precious goods, or refuses to provide you with documents before or on moving day.

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