Storage Tips For Small Places

  • 27.03.2019
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Statistics have it that the average size of a master room in a big house is four hundred and eleven square feet. For a smaller one, this goes down to two hundred and thirty-one square feet. A lot of folks may end up with a small room yet they have so much stuff, and trying to fit all of that in there may be a challenge. Movers in St. John’s have come up with a list of seven ideas on how to organize small spaces.

  1. Put in shelves, and clothes rack

These can go around the bedroom wall. The good thing about them is that they will not be on the floor so there will still be some space. You can start putting them in a few feet down from the ceiling, and then putting the rarely used objects on the topmost one.

  1. Go for a bed that has storage sections

It is better to purchase a bed that has some room below it so that you can store some things there. Just in case it has no room, one could always add raisers or get one with roll-out drawers under the bed.

  1. Place hooks on the back of the door

Through getting hooks on the back of the door, you will have additional hanging space where coats, bathrobes, and towels can be kept.

  1. Keep the trash can away

This can be put under the table to keep it out of sight and to avoid your room looking cluttered.

  1. Hang your jewelry on the wall

Sometimes having jewelry boxes may end up using more space. As an alternative, one can get a cork board that can stick to the wall, decorate it however they want and then use thumb tacks to hand necklaces and bracelets.

  1. Use drawer organizers

One can install organizers in the vanity, dresser or desk drawers. To create more space, put thin wood wedges vertically to make several compartments. When it comes to the desk, you could create small compartments for different things such as clips, rubber bands, and pens.

  1. Arrange the closet

A good way to save space in the closet is by:

  • Keeping what is rarely used in suitcases. You cannot lack a suitcase in the home, so rather than have them sit around empty, keep what you do not often use in there such as out of season clothes.
  • Acquire a good shoe organizer. Get a hanging one and hook it at the back of the closet door then you can slip in sandals, flip flops, and other such shoes in the different pockets.
  • Put in towel racks on a side wall of the closet. Scarves can be hanged here as well as ties, belts, etc.
  • For the bigger shoes, place them on a vertical shoe rack on the floor. The best thing about these is that they have upright rods and all one has to do is turn the boots upside down and slide them on the racks.

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