Auto transport

Auto transport

Halifax Auto TransportNumerous home or business owners who are relocating resort to long-haul car transit services to move their cars. When most people relocate, they opt to drive their automobile. However, this will be quite difficult if you are relocating to another state or even country. Car hauling solutions would be the best option for you in such situations, and Atlantic Coast Movers are here to do just that.

Car Transit Alternatives

The transportation mode of your vehicle will be dependent on the type. For instance, if you own a classic or exotic car that comes with a hefty price tag, an enclosed truck is the best option. The vehicle we use to get the job done is specifically built to get your car from one point to the other without being damaged. Our transit team will inspect the auto before it leaves for its destination, and the same will be done upon arrival.

The option for a multi-deck truck is also made available. Unlike the enclosed trailer, this one is opened. Even so, our relocating teams are well trained in ensuring that your piece encounters no harm. Go ahead and give Atlantic Coast Movers a call for the best and most affordable car transit in Canada.

We work with residents all over the East Coast of Canada including the Charlottetown and Kensington on PEI, St. John’s NL, Amherst and Halifax NS, Saint John, Woodstock, Fredericton and Moncton NB, Québec City, Montreal and other.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our car hauling services, you can visit our FAQ section where we address issues that are frequently brought forth in detail. You can also contact our client support team for further clarification.

Getting your car ready for transit

Ensure that all personal items are cleared from the car as well as all covers for spare tires, car, and grills. All alarm systems should be turned off. All other car preparation info can be gotten by contacting our team.

Let us cater to your car transit needs

Ensuring your vehicle arrives at its destination in top-notch condition will require assistance from experts with the necessary equipment. Atlantic Coast Movers brag a firm reputation in the relocating industry for meeting clients’ needs with utmost professionalism. Call us to draw a plan on when to shift your vehicle, and leave the rest to us.

Auto Transport Services

Door to Door Services

In general, Atlantic Coast Movers operate on a door to door basis when it comes to relocating cars unless you give other specifications. Therefore, all one has to do is call, schedule a day that they are comfortable with, and we will send one of our capable drivers to pick up your auto. The pick-up can also be done at your office or anywhere else you please.

Even so, we only offer door to door services in areas where the local regulations permit it. Some cities bar the making of deliveries by oversized autos, such as trailers, in areas of residence. In such cases, we will assign you a relocating specialist who you will work with to look at other options.

Other options can also be explored if your residence is located in an area with narrow streets. Since our trucks can be as long as seventy feet, they will require substantial space to move around. Additionally, speed bumps, sharp corners, and low branches may call for alternative pick-up points.

Terminal to Terminal

Car hauling terminals are the most preferred auto shifting method due to the flexibility they offer in terms of storage and drop-off before and after transit. Talk to our relocating specialists to find the most convenient terminal for you and get your estimate.

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