Boxing Up Electronics To Relocate

  • 21.11.2018
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It is no secret that the only way to certify that boxing up electrical equipment goes smoothly is to be prepared beforehand. In these three steps, one can see to it that all is in place.

  1. Gather all the user manuals, or if you cannot find a physical copy, download them from the manufacturer’s website. These can come in handy since they usually have guidelines on how to move them without causing any damage.
  2. Consider getting provisional insurance for the equipment so that they can be covered in case of any damages. If you have hires a moving service, ask them what type of insurance they offer.
  3. Install applications like Tile or TrackR onto your phone, and then place a small chip to the objects so that you can be able to know where they are at all times. This comes in handy particularly when there is plenty of stuff being shipped into or out of storage rather than straight to the abode.

Once this is done, Woodstock moving service recommends using the following tips to protect the items from any damage, and also to dodge any issues as you relocate.

  • Detach the unnecessary objects from the electronics and remotes such as batteries. This is to keep them from overheating and leaking since they are in closed spaces.
  • Check that any CDs, DVDs or Blue-rays have been expelled from the TV, computer, stereo and any other device that is used to play them. Furthermore, verify that the drives have been taped shut.
  • If you own a printer, we advise you to discharge the toner container and put them in a plastic bag. This makes sure that the ink does not end up spilling and getting into contact with other materials.
  • When it comes to the desktop, laptop or tablets, see to it that any crucial information and data that is necessary has been backed up in the cloud or that you have copied them to an external drive.
  • It is recommended to have electronics transported in their initial container. However, if you cannot seem to find them, get good quality ones that will be able to carry their weight and keep them sheltered.
  • Get packing paper, moving pads, bubble wrap, blankets, towels or cushions to put in the spaces as you pack to stop the equipment from bumping into each other.
  • One important thing to always keep in mind is that if an electronic device has a screen, get bubble wrap or a plastic cover to protect it and keep them from shattering or cracking. We do not advice using newspaper as it can leave scratch marks on the screens.
  • Before dismantling equipment, take photos of how they are connected so that once you get to the new abode, it is easier to put them back together.
  • Tag the cables as well, or color code them to be able to tell which one belongs where. Put them in a plastic bag so that they do not get misplaced.
  • Ascertain that the boxes are completely closed to prevent dirt from getting into the devices.

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