Long Distance Haul Made Stress-Free

  • 29.07.2019
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It is common knowledge that planning and executing a haul, no matter its size, can be a weary undertaking. Nonetheless, we cannot also deny the fact that when the haul is a long-distance one, there are more things to be considered. Besides seeing to it that the items are carried safely, one has to take into account anything that could go awry. Nevertheless, this does not have to be an issue that should set you back as Woodstock Movers is here to assist.

  1. Skilled planning

The very first and crucial step when it comes to this is to have a plan. Our company has been in the business for a while, long enough to know that no haul is the same and each has to have its special approach. Due to this, we give our clients relocation plans that have been tailored to their needs, thus helping them to save time and cash in the process.

  1. Full-service packing

Considering the large distance that is being covered, it is very easy for some knickknacks to go missing or get spoiled along the way. Nonetheless, this should not make you panic as our expertly trained members will assist in packing the goods in a way that will keep them safe and secured all through.

  1. Valuation insurance

According to research, over twenty percent of all relocations end up with claims being filed.  As much as we work overtime to guarantee a smooth haul with no bumps, our company cannot deny the fact that accidents do happen sometimes. As a result, we have made sure that all our clients are given a choice of all the valuation insurance options that we have. This way, they can relax and know their things are in good hands. In case you are not sure of which one to go for, the crew will be there to guide you pick the one that suits you best.

  1. On-time delivery

There is already enough to think of during such a haul, and worrying if and when the items get to their destination should not be one of them. Any reputable long-distance relocating crew should make transporting the stuff and arriving on time a big priority. While the planning and the hitches that come with this types of relocations might make it a challenge to set an exact date, the team should be able to give you at least a time frame between which one should expect to have their knickknacks.

  1. Secure storage

In some instances, during a long-distance haul, one could find that they cannot get their belongings into the new abode just yet. Do not fret as we offer storage options, both short and long term, that have state of the art security, which makes sure that all the goods are protected from loss or/and harm. The advantage of this is that there are different offers and friendly costs that you can pick from. On top of that, this guarantees you that there will be no surprise fees.

  1. Specialized assistance

For us, our biggest priority is to give our clients top-notch relocating experiences without having to break the bank. We will give you VIP treatment all through the process, seeing to it that your haul is successful and that the transition goes on without a hitch. From helping out with the pets, to getting you acquainted to the new area, our A+ BBB firm will be there to make sure you are settled in no time.

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