10 Tips To Raise Your Spirits And Help You Let Go

  • 20.04.2018
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Woodstock Long Distance Moving Service knows that getting sad occasionally is inevitable, much as you try to be upbeat and happy. You could be a little sleep deprived, you may feel like you have been putting out too much into certain things such as work and all that might feel a little too much to handle.

Whatever the cause, you are uneasy, and you might be powerless to handle or change it. Acting out on these emotions may be a hard task to prevent as more often than not these responses happen so fast. One could assume that keeping a leash on your feelings may be preferred, but that is just not realistic.

First of all, identify to know these unfavorable emotions quickly and get through them instead of just bursting out, and coming to regret it.

Woodstock Long Distance Moving Service has these ten ways to offset such feelings.

  1. Pinpoint the matter

You may feel a little off, but you have no sense of what is wrong exactly. You might snap at someone out of nowhere, who hadn’t even provoked you, so you start finding little excuses for your behavior like find the children are being too noisy, or the remote is malfunctioning.

Or another person made you feel unhappy, and you are not in the mood to air it out and solve the misunderstanding. You could have also have let yourself down, but you are not ready to admit it, so you lash out. Getting pissed off will not help with the issues and get rid of your uncomfortable feelings. You have to actually find out the true reason for feeling that way.

  1. Be authentic

Try not to pretend everything is fine and you are full of joy when in reality things are not good. You have a right to get angry, unhappy or feel disappointed and say what is on your mind. Do not think about affecting the mood of others, because that will only happen if you keep brooding.

Just in case another party wants to know what is wrong, do not be afraid to tell them that you are feeling a little sad.

  1. Know what helps lighten up your mood

Every person has something that makes them feel better and happier. It could be walking your dog, watching a certain movie, listening to music, or even just taking a walk. Discover what makes you feel better, even if a little, and do it.

  1. Take responsibility

Do not just sit around being mad all day. Sometimes the things we do may play a part in affecting our moods. Whenever you are having a bad day, and you are in a terrible mood, most times you think that you have to keep it up.

Acknowledging that on occasion you are the one keeping yourself back from being happy, helps you to change that. Feelings do not just change by themselves; you must do something to lighten up your mood.

  1. Think it out

Sit back and think of what is happening critically. Know what is actually making you sad and mad, so that you can be able to then change your emotions. Do not dwell on spilled milk but keep your energy on what is in your control, like either blaming others for your situation or taking responsibility, or whether you will hold on to that bad feeling or let go of it. Feelings are unavoidable, but there is no need to pile them up with thinking negatively.

  1. Change the narrative in your mind

More often than not when we are in a bad mood, we tend to stick to a story that will justify our feelings. You need to, therefore, change what is in your mind. Stop painting yourself as a person who has no power. Accept the situation and move on from it.

  1. Be considerate

There is always another story to every situation, and even though this situation is responsible for your foul mood, refusing to ignore that fact can easily keep you trapped in that bad mood.

Try to not make your anger worse by trying to see if from the other person’s point of view. Nobody is out to get you, and everyone tends to have such foul days.

  1. Lift your spirits

Say goodbye to all those bad feelings by turning your thoughts into positive ones. Put on a comedic film, or even something inspirational that will significantly raise your spirits.

  1. Apply the cartoon voice method

Author Russ Harris says that changing the way you talk and using a cartoon-like voice to bring in some humor into the situation and offset the sad thoughts. This may look a little funny, but that is the point.

  1. Do it again

You have tried everything, but a piece of you is still holding on to those foul feelings, and now you have to decide between letting it go and holding on.

Tell yourself over and over that you may still feel sad over it, but this won’t last for long, and you will get over it in due time. This will make you feel better. Reminding yourself that you are in authority over your emotions is essential in helping you get over the whole situation and let go of all negativity.

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