Tips On Relocating A Billiard Table

  • 15.10.2018
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A billiard table is a very entertaining thing to have in the house. Although it may give you and your loved ones a lot of entertainment, it can also be a source of stress when you need to move it. Fortunately, there are awesome tips one can turn to when it is time to relocate it, whether it is to a separate-chamber or a different home.

  1. Split Up The Bits

To begin with, you should remove the table one piece at a time. This is an important step because they are extremely heavy, weighing between six hundred and fifty pounds and nine hundred pounds. They are designed to last many years and made from solid timber and dense slate.

Attempting to carry a billiard table before dismantling maybe perilous and could also wreck the walls and floorings of your new place.  The table could also get bungled in the process. Dismantling it makes relocation easier.

  1. Keep The Felt Safe

The felt lining that goes over the slate is a very brittle portion of the table. It can get bungled when moving due to its flimsy make-up and the fact that it requires to be tattoo play well. The felt need not be removed, but it is important to avoid damage hence a money saver.

  1. Secure All The Knickknacks

Dismantling the table makes it more susceptible to getting spoilt. The most common accidents that occur when moving are abrasions, dents, and marks. For protection during relocation, it is advisable to take care of each piece by draping with cloths or bubble wrap.

  1. Unclutter Passageways And Areas In Advance

The pool table parts are heavy requiring one to lay them down quickly on reaching the new place or room. It is advisable to have, prior, a clear path and a huge space for placing the bits back together.

  1. Rally Helpers And Gather Gadgets

Due to its weight and size, moving it by yourself may not be the best thing to do. The parts can fall and be spoilt. More so, they could hurt someone. Ask your mates to aid you whenever you require to move it and verify that you have the required implements on standby.

For a stress-free move for all involved, certify that you utilize the essential kits. The top stuff you can get to carry the pool table parts are dollies made of wood with wheels and hand trucks. The hand truck helps you transport pieces up a stairway, and the dollies are preferable on level ground.

With a bit of luck, these strategies will come in handy throughout the process. If one chooses to use a competent crew, one can get in touch with Woodstock long distance movers who will give you a free relocation price estimate.

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