Free storage

Free Storage

The accomplishment of a seamless relocation may depend on the use of a storage unit for some time: this is especially the case with long hauls, which come with some issues that may hinder directly settling into your new space. Being in the game since back in 1991 has allowed us to understand the challenges that come with relocating and how best to tackle them.

Timing is among the most crucial aspects of a relocation, and Atlantic Coast Movers comes in to help you ensure that it is done right. Sometimes, it may occur that your destination is not ready when your big day comes up. You will need the use of a top-notch storage facility to keep your goods safe for the time being. At our firm, we provide such units that are equipped with:

  • Climate control systems
  • Alarm systems
  • A manager at each storage facility
  • Twenty-four-hour surveillance every day of the week
  • Appropriate packing organizing services
  • Transit services from the storage unit to other destination
  • Sole storage of items
  • Pocket-friendly costs and occasional promos

Free storage service for 1 month

This offer is limited to our Toronto facility. This offer starts from the pickup day and should be done by a vehicle from our branch in the area. If the storage period is to extend beyond the promotion time, arrangements have to be made with our team.

Our facilities

All our facilities are licensed by the necessary authorities to operate and meet all your storage requirements. We ensure that our units remain in the best condition as demanded by the licensing bodies as well as for the provision of the best services: this is especially to maintain belongings that are prone to damage such as wood and paper when the conditions are not kept right.

Cashier and ending of contract

The first month is not billed, but continued services will have to be discussed before the period elapses. The fees incurred will be dependent on the weight of your belongings. Payments are expected to be made every month. However, you can arrange to have a long-term contract that allows paying once or a couple of times a year. The arrangements to have storage services extended must be brought forth a fortnight before the promotion is over. Coming in any later may be hard to pull off due to scheduling issues.

Why go for us

For years we have taken pride in building a prolific name for Atlantic Coast Movers. The various challenges we have faced along the way have equipped us with the necessary knowledge to handle what is thrown our way. Our storage units will keep your possessions under the appropriate conditions and secure them accordingly. Remember that the packaging of your belongings since the moment they are picked up to the day they are delivered remain the same. The goods also have tags and are put in the inventory for better safekeeping.

Our services extend beyond storage

Our storage services are not limited to selected items and can be used to keep furniture, art pieces, automobiles, boats, and other goods you may have. Our services extend beyond storage: we provide relocation services as well as other moving related help such as organizing and loading, which is done by our expert team of packers. Contact us and let us know your location, and we will provide a suitable relocation and storage solution.

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