5 Guidelines for Relocating While It’s Raining

  • 27.06.2018
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Setting an ideal moving date requires consideration of a number of factors. Weather is one of the determining factors. This is because bad weather can cause delays in relocation in addition to causing damage to your belongings. One may have carefully considered weather predictions and settled on a date for your relocation then it, unfortunately, starts to rain despite the weather man’s forecast. At this point, it may be late to reschedule your move and one is forced to work with the weather as it is. Moving in the rain does not have to be a nightmare, it’s therefore important to always be prepared for such uncertainties below are five tips on how to move despite it raining.

  1. Have enough trash bags.

    This shields some belongings preventing them from being damaged by the rain. Things such as Clothes, books or any domestic items that need shielding against rain can be put inside these bags and transported with ease.

  2. Have towels close by.

    This can come in handy if a member of the group is soaked and requires to dry themselves. The towels can also be used to wipe off excess water that may have come into contact with some of the equipment and risks damaging them.

  3. Make an Assembly Line.

    Standing in a single file speeds up movement by decreasing long distance movement and prevent accidents that may happen such as sliding or falling. Ensure your team shields themselves from rain by wearing raincoats as well as appropriate shoes. This tactic also ensures floors remain dry and reduces cleaning up time.

  4. Cover Slippery surfaces with old sheets or cardboard boxes.

    Water causes floors to be slippery, therefore creating a makeshift carpet will avoid one from falling. It is also important to consider wearing the right shoes that do not easily slide. This in general prevents accidents that can cause damage to property due to a fall.

  5. Identify what to move onto the truck first.

    It is possible that the rains might stop, hence put careful consideration on what to load to the van first. Most importantly, starting with waterproof things that are less likely to be damaged by the rain are to be considered first. These can be plastic containers and stuff that are fully covered by plastic covers. Things such as electronics can be put last when its stops raining, if not, make sure they are well protected with over-blankets to avoid any contact with rain.

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