Average Costs For Cross Country Moves

  • 18.05.2018
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If you go past province boundaries or go beyond the one-hundred-mile radius, it is deemed cross-country move. Therefore the price will be different. Such moves are a bigger task to generalize as far as initial costs go, due to three main criteria that work simultaneously:

  • Relocation distance
  • The weight of the stuff.
  • Extra requests.

The money needed to move tables and chairs, for example, depends on their weight, size, and type. It will be more expensive if you require professionals to deal with bulky, extremely heavy or antique furniture pieces. The price also is dependent on how your house is like tiny spaces, staircases, smaller doors or lack of an elevator. If for example, the pieces need to be dismantled, the costs will be significantly more

  • Moving distance: this remains a standard value.
  • The weight of the shipment: the actual heaviness of your belongings will significantly affect the final bill. Try to decrease the weight by throwing away any items you do not need.
  • Additional services: Opt for only those you need. If possible, box up some or even all your things yourself to save.

The estimated cost across the country, without additional services and extra charges, is:

  • One-bedroom apartment: if it is five hundred miles away, it will cost one thousand five hundred dollars, while relocating to a home one thousand miles away would be approximately two thousand dollars. These two costs have been calculated based on the shipping weight of three thousand five hundred pounds.
  • Two-bedroom apartment: The assessed relocation cost for a three-bedroom house or apartment is about two thousand six hundred dollars for five hundred miles and three thousand five hundred dollars for a thousand miles. The weight for both values has been rounded off to seven thousand five hundred pounds.

Do not forget that the aforementioned moderate cost of moving per mile and per pound are just references and may change. As noted, surmised moving company charges are still helpful in giving a rough idea of just how much you will spend. For a more exact price estimate, get free quotations by contacting Thunder Bay long distance movers.

Average moving costs of self-moves

Some people are swift to conclude that self-moving is less expensive than contacting experts. While in certain cases that may be true, one should consider and take into account various essential factors.

Before you think of relocating on your own, ensure the following to avoid a devastating do-it-yourself relocation with a lot of hours and cash wasted.

  • It is a short distance haul.
  • You have some pal who can assist you.
  • You are confident you can take care of everything alone.

The obvious and hidden costs of self-moving are:

  • Cost of renting a truck: relocation truck rental costs are different depending on the company, size of the truck, the distance it will go, how long you will have it for, the season of the year, etc. On average, a fourteen-inch truck, when carrying things from a two bedroom home can cost about twenty to thirty dollars for eight hours and an extra cost of seventy cents to one dollar and ten cents per mile. A twenty-four-inch one going from a three or four-bedroom house is around forty to seventy dollars per day with an additional cost of between seventy cents to one dollar and ten cents per mile. It is advisable to get in touch with a well-known truck rental company and ask for a precise quotation since no haul is the same. Also, aside from the truck rental insurance, that is roughly around one hundred and fifty dollars, be cautious of extra fees and surcharges such as extra mileage, cleaning fee, fuel, tolls and others.
  • Moving equipment: you will probably require renting some equipment such as a moving dolly, furniture blankets, furniture pads, etc. if you are adamant about arranging and carrying out a safe move.
  • Packing materials: Many cardboard boxes can be found for free or at a throwaway price from your local businesses or friends who have moved recently, but you will have to purchase bubble wrap and clean packing paper specifically if you own very many delicate and breakable things. Remember quality tape and some color markers too.
  • Hidden do-it-yourself moving costs: Lastly, it is time to address briefly the hidden do-it-yourself costs of moving on your own that could sway your decision and opt instead to hire a highly rated mover to handle your move. Some of the estimated costs include moving insurance for your pricey possessions, road taxes, and also food and accommodation expenses while moving. In case personal injuries or damage to property occurs because of inexperienced moving or a lot of bad luck, then the average cost of moving could very well go up significantly.

Sometimes you could hear people saying that money is not everything, and they ought to have a great reason to believe that. However, when it comes to the moderately problematic process of moving houses, it appears that money will determine the way your short distance or long-distance move will play out. Now that you are familiar with the estimated costs of moving, we trust that you will make the appropriate decision that will change your household move for the better.

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