Ten Steps To Relocating From A Lake House

  • 06.08.2019
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For individuals who are lucky enough to have vacation homes, leaving them in good shape for the next season is a task that they have to undertake almost every year. With the change in temperature and winter beginning, it is crucial to leave these abodes ready for it, so that any damage is averted. There are some steps that could require you to call in an expert such as making sure the plumbing and the roofing are in good shape, however, there are plenty of them that one can handle on their own.

Here are some ideas from Long Distance Movers in Amherst that could set you on the right path.

  1. Turn off the water

Check that the water supply is switched off at the main place to keep the pipes from filling with water, freezing and then bursting.

  1. Empty all the water lines and close the taps

In some places, pipes may be prone to freezing and bursting. If this is the case, it is better to get rid of all the water in the conduits.

  1. Change the thermostat settings

Depending on where the abode is, one might need to either set the temperatures to above freezing if it is cold or get a humidity indicator if the area is wet and warm. In recent times, there are now smart HVAC systems that can be adjusted remotely through apps on phones.

  1. Unplug all appliances

In the event of faulty switches or a power blackout, you will want to keep the appliances and electronics safe from damage. Therefore, see to it that they are all removed from the sockets.

  1. Do not leave food in the pantry

Keep dry foods in tins or aluminum cupboards. For grins and seeds, put them in metal compartments with airtight lids.

  1. Keep away rodents and insects

Clean up the trash cans and get read of anything that they could feed on. On top of that, get repellants and place them near sinks, the garage, and the kitchen as well.

  1. Take out the garbage

Check that the trash has been disposed of before you lock up. Additionally, get rid of anything that might freeze, such as paint bottles as they could end up bursting when they do.

  1. Make sure your goods are safe

See to it that all entryways are locked and any vehicles and outdoor fixtures are put away.

  1. Get a storage unit

In case some knickknacks could be temperature-sensitive or need extra protection, we recommend looking for a reputable storage company to hold them when you are away.

  1. Have a checklist

It is easy to forget some things along the way, so to avoid that, come up with a list of all that needs to be taken care of and cross items off as you go. Saying goodbye to the lake house does not have to be a daunting task, and with the above advice, one can be sure that the process will flow smoothly and will be over and done within no time.

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