Getting Ready For An Office Move

  • 15.11.2018
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Firms all over the country relocate to new spaces once in a while for various reasons. If the time has come for the firm to relocate, and one has no clue how to get through it, that shouldn’t be a cause for alarm as St. John’s Moving has some great tips on how one can get their crew ready for an effective move.

  1. Interconnect with team members

It does not matter if fifteen or fifteen hundred people are working in the office, everyone should be made aware of the plans to move and give them as much information as is necessary. Call for a conference and get everybody to come, and then follow it up with correspondences. This will not only help them also start getting ready, but it will also be a show of good faith to them that the higher-ups also accept their involvement in such cases.

You can also give them some time to acclimatize the move. Decide on a calendar and keep them in the loop during all phases of the process.

  1. Center on the pros of the moving

There is a lot of mayhem, and things are all over the place. Due to this, it is easy to get overwhelmed, and that is when the anxiety kicks in. One way to beat this is to remember the positive aspects of the move, and why it was necessary. For instance, it could be an opportunity to expand the company, go to a more secure location, or even be a way to access the target clients better. This will help people see why the moving project is necessary, and get you excited for it.

  1. Keep the personnel involved

Arranging and executing an office moving can be a huge undertaking. It is difficult to run everything alone, so get the other workers to help out. Come up with a checklist and give individuals tasks to complete. As the days go by, hold meetings with them to check on what is already done, or still has some way to go.

On top of that get their views on the move as well. One can also keep them on board by giving them tips on ways that they can make sure their workstations are packed and ready to go. They will be thankful for the boss taking the time to rope them in.

  1. Let the clients know about the moving project

Apart from checking that everyone ready for the office relocation, see to it that all your clients and whoever you do business with is also cognizant of the adjustment. This is key as you still want to retain your dedicated clients and brokers and encourage them to keep using your facilities. Confirm that they all get the info as to where the business is now located, and when you expect to be up and running again. Moreover, let them know of the services that they can still access even as you relocate.

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