Ensuring A Rewarding Garage Auction

  • 29.08.2019
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A garage auction is a great way to cut down on clutter in your home or get rid of things in preparation for relocation. It also gives you much needed extra cash. These pointers will help you make a good amount on the stuff that you no do not require.

Prior Preparation

The greatest key to success in any endeavor is doing things at the best time and the most appropriate place. An area that is frequented by many people would be the best place to have the sale. Those living in quiet neighborhoods can find a place that is most frequented by a majority of the residents. As for time, target early mornings or early evenings when people are commuting to and from their daily activities. It will also be wise to plan it around a time when there is a planned major event in the area.

Consult with the local authorities to confirm if you are allowed to carry out the sale, and what permits if any you will be required to have.

Involve The Neighbours

Having more items to vend is likely to catch the attention of more people as compared to fewer items.  Speak to the neighbors and ask if any of them would be willing to do something similar. You can combine your stuff, ensuring a bigger sale. The bigger it is, the more people it will attract.

Market Properly

A successful event will largely depend on how well information about it was disseminated to people. A good marketing strategy is crucial to ensure good sales. There are various ways that a person can advertise. The can have an advertisement in the local newspaper. Online platforms and websites are also highly effective. One can also take print outs and fliers to distribute to people in the community or put them up at strategic places.

Proper Organization And Pricing

People appreciate things done professionally and are more likely to pay top dollar for things that look well ordered. The best way to do this is to categorize your items and place them in different sections. Once organized, write the cost on each item. Things will be bought much faster if the price is lower than what it costs in the retail stores.

Allow Different Payment Plans

Some people coming to buy could just have happened to be passing by and may thus not have cash at hand. Having alternative payment options such as credit cards and virtual transactions like PayPal, could ensure more sales since you will not turn down a potential customer who does not have cash. For those paying in cash, have plenty of smaller amounts of money to give back as change.

Interact With The People

People love to have something to eat. In this regard, you may consider having complimentary snacks and drinks to give out to potential clients. Smile at them and engage them in conversation. Offering price discounts also encourage shoppers.

Give What Is Left To Charity

As the day winds down, give significant discounts on the items that are left. If there are still some left, give them out to people in need. You can look into local charities that you can give to. Have a list of all the items you wish to donate, have them valued, and get a receipt written for you. It could help in getting tax cuts hence getting good value off of them. The money you get can go into getting expert haulers like Saskatoon Long Distance Moving Service, who will ensure that the items you chose not to vend arrive well in the new home.

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