Tips on relocating your washing machine on your own. Part 1

  • 15.05.2018
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Whether you decide to go about it on your own or get experienced haulers to do it for you, relocating your washing machine will require you to spend some money. Out of the two, getting the experts cost more, and for this reason, you may decide to go with the option of doing it yourself. Nonetheless, this will not be a smooth ride all the way.

It does not matter if it is a front-load or a top-load model, both will have to go through a couple of things before they are ready for transportation. The following steps by Sarnia long distance moving company will let you know just what those things to be done are.

  1. Ask for assistance.

Even though you can do it without getting a professional crew, it is impossible to go about it completely by yourself. For that reason, you could use a helping hand. If your family members or friends cannot aid you, then you should get a crew.

  1. Go through the manual.

Most manufacturers give tips on how to go about moving the machine, and these guidelines can be found in the manual. Just in case it is lost, you can get the information via the internet, search for the make and model. If you cannot find information there too, then call up the place you bought it from and ask for help. However, this is just a recommendation and not a compulsory step.

  1. Get the bolts ready.

These are metal rods that go into the machine to keep it from moving around and keep it stable during the ride. Drum suspension mechanisms get spoiled easily hence it is important that you look for the shipping bolts the washer had when buying it. Do not attempt to move the appliance without these bolts as this may lead to it getting hit or damaged.

  1. Get an appliance dolly.

This will be useful when getting the machine from the house to the car because they are huge and very bulky and can’t be carried any other way. Such machines weigh between one hundred and sixty to two hundred and thirty pounds or the big ones, one hundred and eighty pounds for mid ones and a hundred and forty pounds for the smallest. You could either choose to rent or buy the dolly.

  1. Make sure you have everything you need to relocate the machine.

These include blankets to add a layer of protection, a place to drain water into, pliers to remove the drain hose, tape and rope or straps to secure it on the dolly.

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