Tips On Moving A Balk Table

  • 12.03.2019
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Even though having a game table in the abode can be a great source of entertainment for the entire family, it can also be an issue when it comes to moving since it is a bulky item that also needs to be handled with care. If you find yourself in this situation, do not fret as Saint John Movers have amazing ideas on how one can make this job easier and less of a headache.

  1. Separate the pieces

This is naturally the first and key thing. Pool tables easily weigh between six hundred and nine hundred pounds which makes it hard to move it when it is not in pieces. To avoid hurting yourself or damaging walls and the item itself, it is best to dismantle it and have it transported in smaller parts.

  1. Take care of the felt

In case you are not aware of it, one of the frailest sections of the equipment is the felt padding that is on the slate. During the move, a lot of things are being carried around, and there’s a lot of walking around and most times delicate things bear the brunt of this if they are not well protected. We advise taking out the felt and wrapping it up nicely or else if it gets damaged you may end up having to purchase another one.

  1. Be careful with the parts

After one is through with disassembling, there will be plenty of pieces lying around, and if not handled properly, this is the time when they could easily get lost or damaged. They may end up having dips and scrapes, something that you want to avoid. To be safe from all of this, get bubble wrap or pieces of cloth and cover each piece to keep it secure.

  1. Clear a space before moving

Since it will still be quite weighty even when the parts are undone, the people carrying it will need to put it down as soon as they get it out of the truck. It is therefore advisable to make a clear path and know exactly where it will be placed beforehand.

  1. Get help and proper supplies

One may be tempted to think that they can be able to carry the thing all alone. If you do not want any injuries and damage to the pool table, then we suggest to ask for assistance from friends and other family members, and also see to it that there are the proper tools at hand. Supplies such as wooden dollies on wheels and hand trucks are the best as they will aid you to move the pieces around easily.

By using the above tips, you are assured that the moving project will go on smoothly. Nevertheless, if you feel like the job will be a bit taxing for you to handle, you could always get in touch with experienced movers who will come over and do it for you.

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