What To Keep During A Move

  • 04.09.2018
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Having a big house, with a couple of family members living in it means having a lot of belongings, from furniture to electronics, and even clothes. Carrying everything with you can be challenging, since the more the stuff, the pricier it is, and also since you do not want to bring all that clutter along. It is therefore advisable to first go through the stuff and decide what will be kept and what won’t.

Is there too much clutter in the house?

The self-storage industry in the country is a thirty-eight billion dollar one. People find it hard to let go of stuff, especially if it has some value attached to it, and so they end up hoarding. Since all these things cannot fit in the home, they end up paying for storage units. Cutting down on the items to have while moving is important because then one realizes that most of the things are clutter. In case you have no idea how to go about minimizing, Saint John Long Distance Movers in NB have the below tips to help you out:

  1. For clothing, if there are items that have not been worn in over a year, those should be donated or if they are torn or stained, can be thrown away.
  2. If you find that there are still some boxes from a previous move that are still yet to be un-boxed, then it means whatever is in there is not needed, and should, therefore, be thrown out.
  3. We hold on to some objects because of the sentimental value we have attached to them. They could be a box of old CD’s or a bookshelf of unread books, but if you haven’t touched them in a couple of years, they need to go.

The furniture problem

Getting rid of furniture is almost always a struggle because people often think of how much money they spent on purchasing it. If this is the situation, ask yourself: are they high-end pieces, or second-hand collections? Does what it cost you compare to how much you will have to pay to have it shipped? Just in case you are renting a truck and carrying out the haul yourself, is there someone who will assist in getting them into the house? Don’t be afraid to let go of old furniture. The pieces could be sold at a garage sale, and from the profits, you can get some new ones once you get to the new abode.

Our work at Saint John  Long Distance Movers it to move packages of all sizes all across the country. This allows us to provide our customers with discounts and highly rated moving services. One could decide if they want their belongings moved from province to province, which is cheaper or brought to their doorstep.

Working with a proficient moving crew such as Atlantic Coast Movers with over thirty years of experience can help you have a successful move while saving on a lot. We will help to move all your belongings and ensure they get to their destination in one piece. Call us or visit our website today for a quote.

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