Gentle Transition into A New Rural Environment

  • 23.07.2018
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Many people think about relocating from the town to the countryside.  It could be because of the desire to live in a cleaner environment to raise kids or the need to escape from the noise and pollution in an urban area.  However, a majority of people with the desire to make this change have experienced some type of culture shock in adjusting to this slower way of life.

Make A Soft Entrance

Try to make your presence less noticeable, there are those neighbors who make a lot of notice and you would know when people are in the house. Do not disturb the new neighbors with loud music or motor revving and yelling instructions to the point that t becomes a nuisance. It Is common that your kids and family members will be excited about the move and might go around trying to know their environs while making noise. It is proper to get to adjust to the place and get to know people then they will not be bothered by your noise once they know you.

Contain Your Kids and Pets

Folks in towns can walk around the neighborhoods without any restrictions unlike in the country side where land and property is privately owned and stepping there would be termed as trespassing. To avoid lawsuits and compensations for property that could be damaged by your pets, it’s advisable to train your kids and pets against going past peoples’ property.

Properly Locate Your Gate

If you decide to put a gate at your house, ensure it does not distract the people using the road in that it causes an obstruction, this is likely to irritate your neighbor and they may fail to welcome you. It is important to allocate the gate along your property to avoid any inconveniences.

Provide support to local helpers

In rural areas, it is likely that the provincial support is limited hence locals pull resources together in times of disasters. It is a good impression to donate either belongings or volunteer in either fire departments, community food drives, area hospital as well as shelters. This creates a good impression and shows your commitment and dedication to your new home.

Have a Positive Attitude

Remember in a local town going to the shop is likely to be an event rather than just another errand to run this is because stores are likely to be available after a long ride or drive hence you will end up meeting your neighbor, teachers or even pastor in that little local store. It’s thus good to keep a smiling and friendly face as you do not want to seem bothered by their greetings and small talk. These transactions will help build friendships hence smoothen your integration into the community.

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