How to Prep your Cottage for Winter Season

  • 10.04.2018
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A cottage gives the most memorable experience you can imagine. But as the cold weather rocks in, you need to prepare the cottage adequately. These preparations leave your cottage in optimal conditions during harsh winter weather.

Prepping a cottage for winter can be a burden, but the results are worth the efforts. Besides, it saves the time needed to work on the cottage when the winter ends. These preparation tips make an easy prepping process.

Storage of Outdoor Furniture

Perhaps, the most significant challenge is to guarantee outdoor safety. You don’t want the furniture to be damaged by ice or stagnant water. Thus, store the furniture in a safe room. If the cottage storage facility has limited space, you can seek a temporary professional storage service. Most movers provide storage services to meet personalized needs. Consider making early coordination with the mover to ensure all items are safe before winter. But you should look for a reputable expert for storage service. For instance, review different Rimouski long distance movers and contract a reliable mover.

It is critical to clean and dry the cottage storage rooms before storage. Though cottage storage structures are mostly suitable for few outdoor items, you can find other indoor storage facilities in your other residences.

How to Make Indoor Preparations

The house indoor should remain attractive even if you aren’t planning to visit the cottage during the winter season. Get rid of perishable foods and drinks from the freezer. The cooler should be cleaned to await another spring season. Clean the fireplace and kitchen: food should not be left out in the kitchen since it can attract rodents to the cottage.

Consider carrying valuables like a TV set to a safe location. If you plan to leave such items, then ensure doors and windows are locked to prevent theft. Alternatively, hire a regular, trustworthy person to take care of these valuables. Electronic devices should be unplugged to save power. Also, consider painting or making minor repairs before leaving. And remember to carry personal necessities like skincare products.

Take Care of the Plumbing System

Though a demanding process, you can get professional assistance on handling the drainage system. However, you can manage some basic plumbing tasks:

  • Empty water from the washing machines and let the devices dry
  • Water tank pipes should be closed to preserve water
  • Ensure that you turn off hot water pipes, but leave drainage taps open
  • Drainage valves and faucets should be functioning optimally to drain excess roof water
  • Electronic and heating systems should be taken into account. To avoid electrical damages, unplug electronic equipment and turn off the heating systems.

 Planning a Winter Visit

If you’re looking forward to a winter visit to the cottage, make everything comfortable for the cold nights and days. Purchase an electrical blanket, and ensure that all the materials you need for the season are readily available. For instance, a shovel and ladder should be accessible as you plan to brave the harsh snows.  Your cottage is indeed a structure to always preserve. Though preparing for winter can be tedious, there are reputable companies to contact for a seamless preparation process.

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