Relocating when Pregnant

  • 21.12.2017
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It is no secret that a long distance relocation is among the most stressful milestones in life, and doing it while heavy with a child can make things overwhelming. However, a lot of the stress can be kept at bay with some order and planning. Movers Moncton has some guidelines to help you plan your long haul.

Begin Preparations in Time

This is an essential part of the relocating process even for those who are not expectant. Come up with a financial plan, procedure of things that need to be done, as well as how your utilities will be switched from your old to new home long before the relocating date arrives. This step is particularly crucial if your relocation falls in the summer since most moves happen during this season. In your plan, ensure you list a deadline within which the tasks must be handled.

Go for Full Service Relocating Firms

When searching for the perfect relocating agency, question them about the services they offer. Being pregnant may hinder you from handling the entire organizing process on your own. Therefore, go for a company that comes with a packing team and moving services to avoid any inconveniences. A packing team will know how to handle your possessions without causing any damage to them. Additionally, they will be able to handle the process in a much shorter amount of time.

If you are hell bent on handling the organizing process on your own, begin as soon as you learn about your relocation. Begin with the things that you do not use on a regular basis, and trash or put them on sale.

See a Physician

Prior to traveling of any sort, it is advisable for expectant mothers to visit their doctor to know if they are okay to travel. This is especially necessary when embarking on a long haul. Ensure that the process of relocating does not interfere with any of your doctor’s visits.

A doctor’s visit will allow you to get copies of your medical records and have them sent to your physician in your new area of residence. If you are yet to find one, you can have your doctor recommend some for you, as well as midwives and ideal gyms for pregnancy workouts.

Label all your Containers

This is an important thing to do when organizing, especially for pregnant women since they are prone to forgetting. Avoid the stress of having to go through everything just to locate an item or know which room to designate each box. Even if you have your packing team do the labeling, you can go ahead and include some labels of your own.

Organize a couple of essential bags prior to the big day

This is a step that should be adhered to by every mover. It is advisable to carry a bag with things that you use on a daily basis with you, whether you are moving down the street or across the country, and your relocating team is going to unload all your containers once you arrive.

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