Getting Electrical Devices Ready For Moving

  • 13.11.2018
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Québec City moving service gladly relocates machines very carefully ensuring that they get to the new abode intact. There are steps taken prior to the move to guarantee that nothing gets spoilt. For those who prefer not to detach or reconnect their equipment on their own, there are professionals who could assist.

It is recommended that you begin making plans for moving your electrical devices a couple of weeks prior to the moving day. You may find that you need to purchase some parts or fail to locate the instruction booklet.

Tips For Moving A Wash-Machine

The guidelines below relate to washers that require loading from the top and also from the front. Start arranging to have it moved one day prior to the arrival of the movers. One can use a plumber or expert to disengage and empty the washing machine.

  1. Wash it. Operate the machine as you would when washing clothes. Use bleach and vinegar, and then let it remain ajar for a day.
  2. Stop the entry of water. The valves are located at the back of the machine close to the wall.
  3. Shut down electrical supply from the house’s electrical supply.
  4. Detach it from the outlet.
  5. Disengage the pipes that carry water into the washer. Store them in an upright position so that water does not pour on the floor.
  6. Remove the pipes in the washer and cover them with cloths to prevent spoiling.
  7. Let the outlet duct remain attached. Movers will secure it to prevent it from pouring water during the journey.
  8. Wash the exterior of the washer using any home detergent.
  9. Safeguard the cylinder of the washing machine. Front-loader machines require deadbolts that are installed behind the machine to safeguard the cylinder. Top-loader washers will need cardboard between the drum and the case.

Guidelines To Move A Dryer

  1. In case the dryer cylinder looks like it has stained, wash it using a gentle domestic cleanser and lukewarm water. Scrub the stained parts thoroughly then pat dry. Use worn-out cloths to get rid of the residual cleansing liquid.
  2. When this is done, switch the power off and remove the plug from the socket.
  3. If the drier is attached to natural gas, seek further instructions from an expert.
  4. Get rid of any fragments in the lint screen and dust the inside with a wet sponge.
  5. Remove the drier from the wall and remove the outlet duct by removing the lock.
  6. Wipe the exterior with a detergent.

Process Of Moving A Fridge Or Cooler

  1. Take out all the stored foodstuff
  2. Switch off the water and remove the water conduit if there is a dispenser or automated ice producer.
  3. Switch the power off and disconnect it from the socket.
  4. Thaw the chiller of the fridge. The time it takes to do this will be indicated on the instruction booklet.
  5. Wipe and dry it.
  6. Refer to the guidebook on the timeframe needed to switch it back on once it arrives at the new home.

We recommend you to read “Seventeen Winter Relocation Guidelines” and “Tips on relocating your washing machine on your own. Part1”.

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