How To Store Items In Tiny Spaces

  • 25.09.2018
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Reports by The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) have it that the average size of master bedrooms in big abodes is four hundred and eleven square feet. For smaller ones, however, this number goes down to about two hundred and thirty-one square feet. Having a lot of stuff in a small space may cause you a lot of stress when it comes to figuring out how to arrange and make everything fit. Below are seven ideas by Québec City long distance moving service on how you can go about it.

  1. Fit shelves and corner garments stand

Connect shelves all over the bedroom walls to get further packing space. Since they are up on the wall, they will not take up space on the floor as bookcases and chests will. One can start form a few inches from the ceiling, adding a new row under that until they are enough. This will help to reduce the clutter in your home greatly.

Place the objects that you rarely use on the highest shelf and go down in order of significance. One could also put a rod beneath the last corner ledge and make an apparel rack out of it to hang shits, uniforms and small pieces of clothing.

  1. Purchase a bed that is fitted with storage spaces

When purchasing a bed, get one that has space beneath it that can be used for storage. Just in case you get the perfect one, but it has nospace, you could always use raises to lift it. Calculate the gap left and then get storage vessels that can easily be pulled in and out.

Nonetheless, some beds come fitted with roll-out drawers under the bed that can be used to put in clothes. If you are lucky, you will come across slightly higher ones that come with two lines of drawers.

  1. Install nails behind the chamber door

Putting in pegs at the back of the doors provides bonus space for hanging items such as coats, bathrobes, and towels. It is also advisable to use a hanging hamper bag in place of a basket to keep stuff off the floor. Check that it is well glued on both sides to keep it from falling.

  1. Find a way to keep the trash bucket away

If you keep a trash can in the bedroom, put it under the table to make the room look not so crowded. Another technique to deal with this is acquiring a nightstand that you can keep it under and pull it out when you need it. The nightstand can also offer add-on storage.

  1. Hang jewelry on the walls

Rather than buying jewelry boxes which will use up too much room in the drawers, make a cork board that can be stuck on the wall. You could decide to be creative with it and add in some decorations around it and then use big thumbtacks to hang the necklaces and ornaments.

Apart from saving on space, this will keep them from getting tangled and also makes it easy to find a specific piece without having to go through an entire box. A pegboard can also come in handy in place of the cork design.

  1. Lay in drawer organizers

One can have organizers tailored to the vanity, dresser or desk drawers. Get a piece of thin wood that will be able to wedge vertically into the drawer, thus creating a space for some stuff. This also makes it easier to spot what you need, rather than having to go through a messy drawer trying to find it.

For the dresser, you can get a socks partition where the socks can be rolled and placed on top of each other to save on room. Partitions can also be made in the desk to put in binder clips, rubber bands, and pens. Some furniture comes with these sections pre-installed, and so you will not have to make them yourself.

  1. Get the bedroom closet arranged

It is conceivable to make more room in your closet by using some systemizing hacks like:

  • Keep stuff that is not often used in suitcases. Sometimes we have a suitcase, or two in our homes, even though we do not necessarily use them to travel. Instead of having them stay in the room empty, use them to store the knickknacks that you rarely use. It is also a good place to keep clothes that are not for the season, like storing winter clothes during summer. To create even more room, store them in vacuum bags. If the suitcases are of different sizes and can fit inside each other, put the smaller one into, the larger one and then throw in the knickknacks in it.
  • Buy or build a shoe organizer. There are designs of shoe arrangers that can be hanged on the back of the closet door. These come with separate pockets in which you can put in sandals, tennis shoes, flip-flops, and other flat shoes that way they do not have to be cluttered all over the floor. Just in case they are a bit pricey, you could always make one for yourself by putting a couple of pegs on a board.
  • Place dishtowel racks on a side wall in the closet. These are quite useful for holding scarves, ties, belts, and other small things. Apart from that, one can also get a rack to hang ties and belts, and because they do not take up much space, the chamber will not feel overly crowded.

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