Tips On How To Tell Children About Moving So They Feel Included

  • 14.05.2018
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As we are all aware, relocating is one of the most stressful tasks you can ever do; however, as much as it’s challenging for adults, it’s even tougher for the younger ones in the family.

When told they are relocating, small children often feel afraid, doubtful, and a feeling that their world is collapsing. Because kids’ homes are their world, the place they connect with family, love, and security, the thought of it no longer being there can be very frightening.

For older kids, the dread of leaving behind friends, teachers, a school they know and an everyday routine can be just as hard. For young and older children, there are certain things you can do to help them adjust to moving a little more easily.

Tell Them In Advance

As soon as you’ve made the decision, inform your family and get them involved. This is one of the most-asked questions by children when they are told about the move: when did you decide this? Telling them that they are the first people to hear of your decision will give them some assurance that they matter.

Have a Family Meeting

Ask everyone to stay at the table after dinner, or turn off the TV and have it in your family room. Just ensure all members are present. It is also advisable not to break the news at a restaurant or other public place as children need to be comfortable to express themselves freely. Try to do it in an environment that is warm and open where everyone is comfortable.

And to make sure kids don’t worry about the issue of your news, don’t announce the family meeting unless it’s a regular event in your home. Make it an unprepared get-together.

Be Open

Allow your kids to be upset. Let them ask a ton of questions. Let them storm off to their rooms. Let them talk.

Be Clear that the Decision is Definitive

Remember this later during the relocation when you start fretting. The most important thing is always to show your kids you are sure of the decision and to always stand firm. Wavering on your decision to move or showing doubts will make your children worry and feel even more uncertain than they do now. Take your worries to a friend or journal or discuss it with your spouse when you’re away from home. And whisper in bed at night so they can’t hear.

Give Kids All the Info They Need

During the meeting, ensure you tell them the overall details of the move, including where, when, how and why. If they want to know more, they will ask. Too many details may confuse them. Give them time to absorb the news before you start disclosing too much.

Let Them Ask and Answers Them

Give them some time to digest the news and to ask anything if they choose to. Answer them sincerely. If you are unsure of something, tell them that. Let them know that you want them to share their feelings, thoughts, and expectations.

Open up the dialogue and allow for discussion among yourselves. If needed, speak in turns. Just ensure that everyone has a chance to share their thoughts, including the very smallest ones. Don’t let the oldest kids drift away, although they are looked up to by the young ones, try to allow everyone some time.

Reassure Children that You’re a Team

Tell your kids that you’re together in this, that the relocation will be something that they all work together for, and that you’ll require their help. Let them know that if they are worried, angry or frustrated, you are there to help.

Be Positive

Tell your kids the good things that will come from the move, and why it will be better for the whole family. Give them the pros to moving. Be positive, but also genuine.

Don’t make commitments you can’t keep and don’t lie just for excitement. Be realistic.

Set Regular meetings

It’s a very busy time, but after the first meeting set regular meetings to give your children a routine where they’ll have other chances to talk. As time goes by, they can be used to update everyone about the move, to provide more information and eventually, assign duties. This regular get-together will also encourage open communication, letting kids know that they are part of this important event.

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