Top 5 Amazing Features of the Suburbs of Metro Vancouver

  • 02.04.2018
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Vancouver is one of the nicest places to live in the world. Most people love the classy nature of the City of Vancouver but living in the suburbs of Metro Vancouver has a breathtaking experience.
Metro Vancouver, also known as Lower Mainland or Greater Vancouver, has divine suburbs to fit your lifestyle. Many people have been relocating within the Greater Vancouver in places like Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, Bowen Island and other beautiful suburbs of the region. For a smooth transition, consider using a professional moving company Atlantic Coast Movers.
As you plan to move into Greater Vancouver, keep in mind these suburban features you will encounter.

Access to a huge city and relaxing time

Vancouver suburban gives you the time you need to relax and take good sleep away from the city’s craziness. There are good road and train networks to get easy access to Vancouver. You can even walk to the city, play, work, and come home to a cool environment. This accessibility to the city of Vancouver and a cool home makes you enjoy a double advantage.

The suburbs are spacious

Suburban life in Vancouver comes with large houses that are well spread out. Compounds are big enough for your property, swimming pools, and gardens. Additionally, there is ambient space for your kids’ playground and parking. Nevertheless, you can enjoy spacious footpaths in the neighborhoods for physical exercises or just fun.

Good for your family

In Metro Vancouver, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your family. Teens can go to the shopping malls and return safely. On the same note, your kids can play their favorite games in the streets or mingle with other children with no worry.

The environment in uptown Vancouver fits perfectly into a natural community status. There are more schools, playgrounds, and community centers that eases the business tension in downtown Vancouver. Downtown areas will mostly have professionals or busy business people which is not a perfect match for a community.

The compound also gives you enough space for a growing family: there are big yards, gardens, playgrounds, and storage space. If you wish to relocate into a Metro suburb with a big family, ensure to get the service of Atlantic Coast Movers.


One factor that people consider before moving into a suburban place is the price of houses. In most cases, prices are higher due to big compounds and neighborhoods. However, a Vancouver suburb has relatively lower house costs as compared to other suburbs. With the big compounds for yourself, this is an affordable place to live.

Excellent neighborhoods

The suburbs give you access to a unique environment that will fit your lifestyle. Even without kids, you can interact with your neighbors and make friendships. You can have regular treks or drives to explore the neighborhood.
There are good community centers and social amenities to provide services you need and can as well keep you busy by participating in community services. Gardens are beautiful features of suburban life that make you busy with some gardening. If you enjoy a green and natural environment, you can have a walk through the nearby parks and forests.


Starting a suburban life might be a considerate task at first. However, the suburbs provide you an ambient time to relax and settle with your neighbors. Transitioning might be a challenge, but Atlantic Coast Movers will make it hassle-free.

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