Things to Do Prior to a Car Haul

  • 05.06.2020
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Long-distance relocations sometimes present the necessity of shipping your vehicle to your destination instead of driving it. This option is usually unavoidable, especially if you choose to fly. However, like Halifax moving companies, auto transport firms are also available in plenty. Therefore, all it takes is proper research and time to find the ideal agency. After you have singled out the perfect long-distance movers in Canada to handle the task, proceed to ready your car for the trip. Some of the basics mentioned in this article go a long way in ensuring that your vehicle does not break down on its way or run into other forms of ruin that will incur more costs on your end.

Conduct a Battery and System Analysis

Most shipping agencies take between two and four weeks to deliver across the country. During most of this time, your vehicle will be dormant in a terminal or tied up in a trailer. Therefore, if your battery or system is not functioning as it should, then it will have trouble starting in the few instances that it needs to be driven from one point to another. This issue is especially prevalent during the cold months of the winter season. Therefore, spare the cross Canada movers you hire as much trouble as possible by visiting a skilled technician to see whether your battery and system are functioning at per with standard requirements.

Assess Your Brake System

Even though your car will be sitting stationary during most of the trip across the country, it will need to be driven in some cases. For instance, the vehicle has to be driven away on relocation day and once again when being loaded and unloaded from trailers. You do not want a faulty brake system to be the reason why your car could not be shipped properly, so have the technician check the system as well.

Add Necessary Fluids

While you are having your brakes and engine assessed, have the technician check the vehicle’s coolant levels, engine oil, steering fluid, and antifreeze as well. Any low fluids should be topped up to avoid having to deal with more significant problems once it is delivered to you. As the fluids are being inspected, also check to see that no leaks are present. Such a condition could not only cause damage to your car but also others being transported along with it.

Inspect Your Tires

Moving service as the perfect time to solve a lot of problems, and one of them can be the condition of your tires. If you have to fill up your tires with air too often to maintain them at the right pressure, have an expert look at the situation as well. The last thing you want is your vehicle going flat in the middle of transit, which could not only result in more time being taken for transportation but also damage to your rims.

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