Secure Your Furniture During a Move

  • 21.06.2018
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Friends, Family, as well as neighbors, can be very helpful during this exciting phase in life where you are moving to a different location, with promises of rewarding them with food or some possessions you rarely don’t use, they can turn this somewhat exhausting experience into a stress-free moment. This task, however, requires a lot of caution or care, be it signing pros or you intend doing it yourself. It is important to learn ways to care for your furniture through this stage in life. Below are guidelines on how to avoid having that table from being scratched, ripping of upholstery, or even glass breaking.

Useful Equipment While Relocating

Having useful apparatuses makes relocating a lot easier since they help do the work much faster and accident-free. Here are few gadgets to acquire while moving furniture:

• Two-Wheel Dolly: It saves a lot of effort by having carrying heavy stuff straight away to the truck. It works by properly placing the weighty equipment such as refrigerators, cabinets, cookers or desks onto the dolly then it easily wheels them to the truck.

• Blankets and Pads: You’ll especially require this for a DIY move. These are moving pads placed beneath or against furniture to protect things against clanking together causing scratches, dents plus further forms of damage.

• Furniture Sliders: Place a slider beneath each furniture leg then drag them to the desired place. Very useful when relocating alone or with few people facilitating the move.

• Straps and Bands: They help move big pieces in small spaces, they are usually attached to the forearm or shoulders and are then passed below the appliance and moved on to the next member. It, however, requires knowledge on how to use it and can be properly used by an experienced member to avoid causing any harm.

One Cannot Do Everything by Themselves

Some individuals like to do everything by themselves. Unless you have very few belongings, relocating is not one of those things you can do by yourself, mainly due to the heavy lifting involved. If you cannot afford to hire professionals to do all heavy lifting for you, always ask for help from the immediate person. This could help avoid causing injury to either the posterior or toes. The gadgets mentioned above can easily help reduce the amount of effort used if used correctly. Ensure you ask for help or guidance from a well-informed person on how some of this equipment if you have no idea on how they work.

Hire the Professionals

To avoid the uncertainties and accidents that may occur during a transfer, hire specialists, Oshawa Long Distance Moving Company is equipped with well trained, highly experienced personnel with necessary equipment that applies the most suitable techniques to ensure all appliances and belongings arrive their destination intact. For a seamless, injury-free plus damage-free relocation, call the professionals.

A Trusted Moving Company

Our company offers exceptional relocation services such as wrapping loading, offloading, unwrapping as well as rearranging all belongings to your liking. We are licensed and insured with A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. We are committed to ensuring ultimate client satisfaction and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure our customers’ needs are met. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our services or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free moving estimate!

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