Why You Ought to Hire Qualified Piano Movers 

  • 26.06.2018
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As much as its appealing to save on expenses by calling buddies to help with moving your classical instrument either from one room to another or from one location to another; you may end up resulting to more loss than good if the wrong equipment is employed. An average piano weighs 300-1200 pounds and if carried incorrectly may end up causing injury to either your posterior, toes or limbs. Not forgetting that It has more than 1000 moving parts and 200 finely tuned strings that are delicate and almost impossible to replace once wrecked or tampered with. It is vital to consider hiring specialized Piano Movers who will guarantee the wellbeing of the floor as well as that of the Piano.

Nipigon Long Distance Moving Service comprises of a team that understands pianos and ways of moving them without causing any damage. More importantly, we are equipped with tuners and repairers on staff who ascertain that upon arrival the piano is assembled, tuned and ready for usage by the owner. We work to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction by specializing in the transportation of these fragile yet bulky possessions both locally and long-distance. Next time you consider moving that antique instrument alone, think again! Something of sentimental value to you or your family needs cautiousness, hence do not hesitate to hire our services, our goal is to exceed your expectation.

Piano Transportation Company

The work of moving a large piano is not only a matter of weight, the irregular shape, brittleness of the outer cabinets and inner mechanics, the uneven distribution of parts all this demand proper apparatus and proper understanding of its dynamics and balance. It is therefore important to hire a transportation company that is equipped with knowledgeable staff members, proper gear and have a proven track record in a piano carriage. Aspects like distance also have to be considered during transportation. It demands unique equipment that can support heavy cargo and allows it to move across surfaces without causing any damage to either the floors, the Piano itself or even to those carrying it.

Our team can not only work this equipment but also reassemble your classical instrument. With many years of experience in transporting large yet delicate commodity, we have an exceedingly high number of successfully completed moves. Our piano movers company is proficient and have come up with practical solutions to warrant the safety of fragile cargo. This means taking precise measures to safeguard your cargo during transportation and ensure it’s intact upon arrival.

We offer the best shipping rates for your instrument and ensure that the client can check the customer rated feedback on our Website. We also offer a free consultation with one of our very skilled move coordinators who will answer all of your queries on the charges plus other concerns you may have. Some of the benefits we offer to our customers are: Competent experts with Branded uniform Accredited, insured and bonded service No Unknown fees or charges Packing and unpacking Sanitary vans with first-hand moving a gear Scheduling for your convenience

A+BBB Certification Cost effective as well as high-quality 3rd party Services

Our transportation service has a proven track record of offering exceptional services in ensuring the safety of your very valuable and sentimental instrument effortlessly and stress-free. Visit our website to fill your free no-obligation moving approximation form or call to speak to one of our courteous and conversant representatives for more information today!

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