Moving Toronto to Halifax Last Walkthrough

  • 21.08.2020
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The peak of any relocation is moving day, and it is highly anticipated since it is usually a sign of the beginning of the end.

When this day arrives, your possessions should be:

  • organized,
  • labeled, and
  • everything else should be in place and
  • ready to be picked up by the long-distance movers whose services you rented.

With the anticipation that comes with wanting to get to the new house and begin settling in as soon as possible, most people are usually in a rush to lock the door of their old home and move on to their new one. However, it is recommended to walk through the house one final time before locking up, and this piece points out why this procedure is essential.

The Purpose of a Final Check

It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but you will be surprised how many people forgo walking through their house before leaving for good.

Three main reasons are tabled when moving Toronto to Halifax for this practice, and they are:

  • To confirm that everything is out

You do not want to get to your new place only to realize that some of your chattels are still sitting in a room in your old home. This mistake might be easy to correct if your relocation did not take you too far, but it will cost you time that you would have used doing other things like starting the settling in process. Going through your house helps you notice anything that has yet to be packed, and you can have a member of the Halifax moving company crew come in and load it in the truck.

  • Looking at the condition of your house

Wear and tear in minor instances should not worry you, especially if your residence has a lot of years under the belt. The walkthrough gives you a chance to see any significant damage, which could result in problems with your landlord or the new homeowner if the house is sold. Keep in mind that small issues such as a dirty oven or scratched wall paint can dent your security deposit.

  • Ensure security

Once you leave, the house might remain empty for some time before another person or family moves in. Therefore, you do not want people breaking into the house and vandalizing it while nobody is there. Locking up also helps keep out pests and animals such as rats and raccoons.

Performing the Walkthrough

How you implement the walkthrough determines how effective it is. Make sure that the loading process is completed early enough so that you have enough time left in your hands to go to each room and spend enough time assessing it. Have a toolbox with you so that you can make last-minute changes where necessary.

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