How To Safeguard Your Floors When Moving

  • 10.04.2019
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If you want to keep the conditions in your new home as you found them and more so the floors, there are certain aspects that you must be keen about. This review will give guidelines on how to guard your floor throughout the move-in process.

  1. The Bases and Ends of Furnishings Should be Swathed with Protective Blankets

Bubble wrap or protective upholstery blankets come in handy to cover up anything that sticks or points. This is crucial not only for floors but also for the walls and the upholstery that falls in this collection if an accident occurs. Moving blankets are given top priority for such tasks because they offer all-inclusive protection.

  1. Have Dimensions of the Entryways and Furnishings Taken Before the Move

Before trying to move any furniture in, it is essential to know which areas of the home a particular piece fits in concerning the door leading to that section. It is advisable that the various pieces owned be measured before the move as well as the multiple doors in the new dwelling.

  1. Put to Task Tough Doormats, Rugs, and Towels

Lining the pathways to be used by the people to enter the different rooms in residence with heavy carpets, doormats, and even towels are among hacks that reduce the damage on floors significantly. Essential to have in mind is that the rug, mats, and towels to be put down to pave the way should be old with no immediate use since they are bound to get very dirty.

  1. Wear Boots

Using disposable shoe booties is vital if you and the moving crew from a moving company in Charlottetown you choose to go with intending to keep your shoes on and secure the floor simultaneously.

  1. Rubber-Wheeled Dollies Ought To Be Used

For heavy boxes and furniture, dollies are a more applicable means of moving them from the truck into the new home. The dolly to be used in the move should have rubber wheels that are gentle on the floor.

For Tile, Vinyl, and Hardwood Floors

There are diverse types of floors, and you are bound to find at least one kind in your new house.

  1. Make Use of Sliders

For easy movement of furniture around the house, sliders are useful. They are available in local hardware and fittings stores. They make it possible for you to slid heavy stuff across the floor. The sliders ought to be stored in case you have not settled on the final arrangement of the rooms to make the re-arrangement of furniture effortless and to keep the floor protected.

  1. Ram Board Cover Up

Ram board is a transitory floor covering material created to keep floors safe when rebuilding is being done. It is easy to use and available for the different kinds of floors that you will find in a home.

For Carpets: Try Covering it Up

Carpeting masking film is an essential piece to think of when moving into a house that is carpeted. The film sits on top of the carpet and offers a shield from paint, dirt, and any spills that may occur in the process of getting your belongings into the new home. It leaves no residue behind and is readily available in hardware stores.

For All Floor Types, Our Crew Will Keep Them Unsoiled and Free of Any Destruction

For you to be sure that your floors will be well-protected, it is essential that a skilled corporation is contracted. Go for movers in Charlottetown that have years of experience in moving furnishings.

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