How To Keep Goods Safe When Moving

  • 20.11.2018
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Everyone wants to relocate to an area that has low crime rates, good schools, parks and people that you can get along with. However, even in the safest of places, one still needs to make sure that their possessions are safe. Most thieves will target people on moving day because they want to take advantage of the chaos and confusion, and so the might slip in and out unnoticed. This should not worry you as there are ways you can keep yourself and the goods secure. Below are a few by Montreal Moving Service

  1. Get a lay of the land

A couple of days before the D-day, go on a tour of the area. This will let you see if there could be any dangers, and also help you come up with a safe moving plan.

  1. Loading and Unloading

Let the movers know that the possessions should go straight from the abode to the truck and vice versa. This makes it easier to monitor the flow of things and checks that nothing remains unattended. One can also choose to have someone oversee the work being done, which helps to keep away anyone who has no business being there.

  1. Limit Admission

During breaks, check that no one gets to go in and out of the house or the truck. Lock all the doors and also the truck to keep things safe. Also, as you unpack, stay vigilant and know who has the keys to the house and which doors are open. Be aware of where objects are to be placed to avoid being distracted.

  1. Keep boxes out of sight

Check that no boxes are places near the windows so that they are not visible to anyone on the outside. One can also cover them with blankets or sheets if you cannot get curtains put in immediately.

  1. Tag cartons by room

Avoid indicating exactly what each box contains such as electronics, silverware, etc as this will only make it easier for thieves to know where the valuables are. Alternatively, write the rooms that the boxes will go into.

  1. Catalog your stuff

This has been made easier since one can take photos with their phone of where things have been placed instead of writing it. An advantage of this is that you will also have visual proof of how items looked before moving in case of any damage.

  1. Stay off Social Media

Do not be tempted to post any details of your move to any platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Have your kids stick to this as well. This is because, in as much as you think you are posting to your friends, there could be people on there waiting for such information to go and rob unsuspecting movers.

  1. Keep valuables protected

Collectables and all valuable jewelry should be kept with you and not in the moving truck. If you can, have them moved in a safe or a safety deposit box. Other things to take care of are important documents such as passports and credit cards.

What to do when the moving project is over

Once you are through with moving, you can also apply extra safety measures in the new abode to verify that everything is kept safe, including the individuals living there.

  • Have new locks put in for all the doors
  • Get a home security system installed
  • Get sensor lighting on the outside
  • Put porch and outdoor lights

We also recommend cutting down any bushes to get rid of places that the intruders might hide in. Get acquainted with your neighbors as well and join the neighborhood crime watch program.

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