Places To Donate Fixtures During A Move

  • 26.09.2018
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A lot of the old, unused furniture and articles may seem like extra baggage to you, but they could be very useful and welcome in another home. A lot of non-profit establishments encourage people to give out most of the things that they feel like they do not need, with quite a number of them giving back tax receipts while offering to come to get the goods themselves. They then either give them to people in need or sell them at a thrift store. Some charities are nationwide and extend pick up provisions for anything you want to donate. These are:

  1. Habitat for Humanity Restore

This group sells some used items like building tools, home fixtures, clothes, machines, and furniture. The money gathered from this is spent to help build homes for families all over various local communities, who for one reason or another cannot afford to own or make their own houses. Habitat for humanity also gives you tax receipts if you list your IRS tax deductions and want to have the support you gave to them removed from there.

  1. The National Furniture Bank Association

Furniture Bank Association of North America operates over eighty locations all over Canada and the United States. It is known to help around a hundred thousand families each year. To make work easier for you, they have picked up services and can come to take the furniture from your household and give it to persons in need. A lot of the families they deal with are either working but are poor, were homeless and are just getting back up on their feet or families that have gone through other financial setbacks such as a fire or robbery. They accept everything from chairs, to beds, to sofas and dressers.

  1. Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association

This is a charity organization that was made to help out veterans who have served in the armed forces. Once you get in touch with them, and they have come over and collected what you have to donate, they then have the pieces sold at thrift stores and use the revenue from that to push some programs through and assist the veterans. Contact your resident VVA center to check if they take the items that you want to donate. If they do, you will be provided with tax receipts if you wish.


Just like VVA, AmVets is also a group that deals mainly with helping out the folks who worked in the army. The local thrift shops that they own sell people’s donations to get money to be able to help the veterans in several ways such as paying medical bills, getting medication, providing transportation for them and even getting them housing and other basic requirements that they might have. One you donate to AmVet, then it can be deducted from the taxes. One thing to know, however, is that the type of donations accepted may differ from one center to another, and so you should first inquire what is acceptable before having them come over to pick the stuff up.

  1. Salvation Army

Since its establishment, the Salvation Army has helped a great number of families in over a hundred and twenty-eight countries. It is a non-profit group which aids homeless individuals and families, providing them with places to stay, clothing, food and transitional housing. It also helps rehabilitate drug addicts by having several rehabilitation programs in different places. They utilize the Family Center thrift shops to retail the furniture that they are handed and use the cash to finance the adult rehabs. They usually collect sofas, chairs, and dressers from wherever you are at no cost.

  1. ARC Donation

ARC has several thrift shops all over the country that vend the donations they collect and use the cash to support people with developmental delays. They take in furniture that is still functional and has no stains, holes, and rips. Donations are also tax-deductible, which could be a plus for you. However, there are a couple of objects that they do not take in such as bean bag chairs, mattresses, box springs, and water beds.

  1. Goodwill

Montreal Long Distance Moving Service also recognizes that there are also some organizations that operate locally and will be grateful for your unwanted furniture and other items to them. Some of them are not charity organizations, so if you are interested in getting a tax receipt, then these are not the ones to go for. Some of them include:

a. Women’s Shelters Canada

Women’s Shelters Canada is an issue that can be found in any home regardless of wealth, social status or family background. These establishments, therefore, work to lend a helping hand to individuals who have been affected by such situations and assists them to get to a safe place. A lot of what they do is to give a place to sleep, arrange for transitional housing, offer counseling as well as other services that are tailored to aid women and also children who have been through this. Look for domestic violence shelters around you and get to know how your donations can be of assistance.

b. Homeless Shelters

Such places give secure places for homeless people in the communities where they can sleep and get food to eat. Some of them also offer showers and washing services. When they acquire donations such as furniture, they use them for their clients when they get transitional houses after they have managed to sustain themselves and are a little bit stable. Some pieces are sold so that the shelters can get some cash to be able to run their programs and help out these individuals. Look for one near your neighborhood and see how useful your donation is.

While relocating, avoid throwing away functional bits of furniture if you do not want to bring them along. The best thing to do is to have them given to people who will find a good use for them. So that you can also benefit from this, you can make most of the donations at the end of the year when it is tax season so that you can get some tax exemptions. Helping those in need is a very commendable thing, and it will also make you feel content. Therefore, collect all the excess items you have while relocating and donate them.

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