Six Tips On Long Distance Relocation On A Budget

  • 16.08.2018
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Most of the things that go into a haul can be controlled, apart from how the weather will be. Through scheduling the day earlier, and picking what comes along, gets donated or gets thrown out, one could save a lot of cash. Moncton Long Distance Movers have come up with ways to make the process easier, and cheaper.

  1. Pick a season that is not too busy

The busiest period for relocators is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Since they are in high demand, it means that most of their trucks and crewmen will not be available to help you out with the long distance haul. It is also hard to book one because the prices tend to go up. Due to this, the very first tip while relocating on a budget is to schedule it either during autumn or spring. A lot of people also pick the first and final weeks of the month so you could go with the second or third.

  1. Reduce the amount of stuff you are taking with you

Long distance haulers decide the total cost mostly by how heavy everything is. Therefore, a sure way to reduce the cost is to reduce the things that are being relocated. You could do this by donating clothes, electrical appliances and even furniture to organizations like Goodwill, the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. Old appliances and furniture can always be replaced with new ones when you are settled into the new abode. Apart from donating the goods, you could also have a garage sale, once you have figured out which items should go and which ones you are willing to keep. A garage sale could be a fantastic option because as it is lowering the final cost, it is also earning you back some extra money that could be used to take care of other aspects of the process.

  1. Get free packing supplies

Depending on the crew these supplies will either come as stand-alone items or ones that will be attached to other products and services. A very helpful way to keep you within the budget is to try and get free relocation provisions. You could source boxes from nearby restaurants, bookstores and even appliance stores who throw away the excess ones that they have. Try and get newspapers and bubble wrap too as they will protect the items especially the fragile ones, from getting damaged. These are also used to fill any space that could be left in the boxes when the things are put in so that they do not sway around and crash into each other, as the fragile ones could chip or break. Family members could also be a source of free supplies.

  1. Go after all the discounts you can find

As we have established above, hauls are most common between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and therefore companies rarely have deals or incentives during this time. As a matter of fact, due to their demand, their prices always go up. Therefore, the most opportune time to nook a haul is after Labor Day as schools have reopened and people are back to work. Most long distance moving companies tend to offer some discounts or additional services during this period, such as offering to get packing cardboards on your behalf.

Another way to check for discounts is to visit web pages because some firms give such offers only online. These discounts are important because they help you save on some cash that could always go to some other use.

  1. Get some people to assist you through the haul

It is advisable to hire a professional crew to pack and relocate your items, but sometimes this can be expensive. An alternative for this is to get friends and kin to help you pack the boxes and get them into the truck. Nonetheless, everyone dreads moving and the work that comes with it, so even though you ask your family and friends, it is not always guaranteed that they will come through. This should not discourage you. Ask away and see if they will be willing to offer a helping hand.

  1. Book one or two portable moving containers

Some specific firms such as PODS assist people who are working within a tight budget complete their long-distance haul. An example of how they do this is that they encourage renting portable containers because they come at a lower price compared to getting expert haulers. If you find that you need a couple more days or weeks before getting your belongings into the new abode, having these portable containers helps save cash because they can also serve as storage units, which will be kept on a place near your new home until you are ready to unpack. The amount of money needed for one is dependent on the size, and the period it will be in use. Renting one comes to around two thousand to three thousand dollars while hiring a crew can cost as much as six thousand dollars.

For any queries that you may have when it comes to traveling a long distance, contact Moncton Long Distance Movers, and our crew will be more than willing to get back to you. If you want to schedule a relocation, Atlantic Coast Movers will also assist you with a quotation that you can work around. Our proficient team will make certain everything gets to its destination safe and in one piece.

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