Common Myths About Professional Movers

  • 11.09.2018
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When researching on which moving company to go with, you will come across different opinions and ideas from people. Believing all these things without having the proper knowledge may come in the way of your haul. Good firms will go the extra mile to ensure the process goes smoothly while giving their customers the best experience that is within their budget. Nonetheless, people tend to put their faith in hearsay which then leads to them hiring the wrong people, making them have to deal with incompetent crews. Moncton Long Distance Movers have come up with a list of some of the popular myths that people believe.

  • All the movers are the same

The truth is that there are no two moving companies that are the same. They could all be offering the same structure of services, but upon further investigation, one will see that some differences stand out. The basic yet significant things to look for in a moving company is one that has the skill, competent crew, are fully licensed and has insurance.

  • Carrying out a move by yourself saves money

Theoretically, this may look like a good idea. However, the truth is that you will save more cash working with reputable movers. The expenses of a do-it-yourself increase as the process goes on, keeping in mind that you will still need to get people to help out, which also takes away time from their schedules. Contacting a proficient moving crew lets you work with people who you are assured will get your belongings safely from one place to another, and on time.

  • Any boxes can be used

To ensure that the items do not fall out of the boxes while they are being moved, do not go for ones gotten from dumpsters or any local shop. Commercial movers use high quality and heavy duty boxes to prevent the chances of them falling apart. Because of this, the moving crew can confidently carry, load and unload them confidently, knowing that the bottoms won’t give way and the objects won’t fall and get damaged.

  • The best moving company ships all items

This is a myth because it is not possible for a firm to ship everything. People who think that this is true, they find that they miss out on prospects of moving some specific things using other ways. Apart from moving company rules, the law also dictates that some things should not be carried by them such as flammables, explosives, chemicals, alcohol, live plants, and perishable food. For this reason, ask for a list of what the moving crew can and cannot carry for you so that you can know in advance.

  • You have complete insurance protection

The truth is that when you work with a moving company,  they only offer basic liability which comes free. The terms of this are that it only protects from sixty cents per pound, per item. For example, if you have a piece of furniture that weighs a hundred pounds which costs around two thousand dollars, and it gets damaged, the firm will only give back sixty dollars.

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