The Reality of Cross Country Moves

  • 08.01.2018
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Cross Country moves are one of the biggest decisions people make in their lifetime and it’s no joke. To go from one place to another – over hundreds of miles for many – this is a drastic transformation. So, how do you know what do in such a huge move? The reality is that there is never too much to know when it comes to this moving process.


Are you making the big move to travel coast to coast? If you’re one of the people enduring a drastic change from one side of the country to another, here’s what you should know about your travels. First tip: a straight flight is the best option. If you’re thinking about time and efforts, a straight flight is your best bet. Rather than getting off at several stops, which can be a great challenge for some people, you should opt for a flight that has zero stops. When considering affordability with airlines, we recommend checking out cheap sites and finding deals with airlines – particularly those that you may have traveled with often.

Moreover, if you decide to drive – which will be a heck of a drive – plan out your stops and accommodations such as hotel lodging, food, and drinks beforehand. Planning your hotel night the night of, oftentimes, is a stressful process which includes dozens of phone calls.

Also, your luggage and heavy bags, including personal items all from your old home, should also be taken into deep consideration. If you drive (in a van or truck, hopefully), everything may be with you vs. a flight which won’t allow you take all those belongings. At this point, you should consider making multiple trips (which will surely be a headache) or contact a long distance moving company, such as our Maliseet NB moving services to help you out. The best bet, in situations such as these, is to contact professional help.

Moving Ain’t Cheap

Moving is stressful for a number of reasons which include the reality of being a dent in your wallet. Really, with long distance moving, this involves brainstorming all sorts of ways to make cheap accommodations for your trip. But these ways can be dangerous. For instance, you might consider just taking all your belongings – dozens of bags and boxes with you – to avoid the cost of a moving truck or gas from multiple trips. However, this poses a highly dangerous situation for you and/or your family considering all the heavy items going into your van or truck.

If you’re on the road and plan to sleep in the car instead of a hotel, although somewhat dangerous, be very cautious with this. It’s reasonable to avoid hotel and even motel prices on your already expensive move, but make sure you drive safely. It’s not recommended you sleep at a gas station or rest stop because this will surely mean you can be susceptible to injury and get little sleep. It’s best not to risk it.

Be Safe

You may be the type of person that can set his or her own rules with moving and be perfectly fine. As a professional long distance moving company, we simply recommend you get all the tips you can get and be safe. And for your cross country move? Good luck because you may surely need it! With a move this drastic, don’t forget you can always contact our Maliseet long distance moving services for help.

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