The Correct Way of Moving a Refrigerator

  • 02.05.2018
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Fridges are weighty hence cumbersome to relocate. Coupled with the high cost of buying, you must ensure an efficient move with no damage. This efficiency is aided by observing the correct transitioning steps.

Though you should get an expert moving service, learning some do-it-yourself tips is critical. Similarly, be patient during the whole process. When using hired service, it is vital to carry out adequate background checks to ascertain the reliability of the mover. For instance, use online review forums to vet Longueuil Long Distance Movers before hiring your mover of choice.

Before starting the job, buy or hire a dolly, tape, bungee cords, straps, protective pads, and a screwdriver. Together with a minimum of two people, these items will guarantee a safe move. Then follow this procedure:

Clean the Appliance

Thorough cleaning is a primary task in preparing for the transfer. Remove all the fridge contents and clean its surface. Perishable foods should be consumed before the relocation day. An alternative way of dealing with perishables is disposing of them.

Defrosting is part of cleaning stage as well: melt the ice by a dryer, and wipe out the residues.


Refrigerators have user manuals to guide users in disconnecting power and water supplies. After unplugging, keep the fridge door in position using bungees. Alternatively, remove the doors. The latter option needs extra care, and the door pieces should be packed in a safe bag. Likewise, keep the drawers separately. Consider taping the drawers.

Establish a Moving Strategy

Depending on the appliance size, it is considerate to remove its doors to fit through the paths. Use a measuring tape to determine the refrigerator’s length, breadth, and width. These specifics are crucial in identifying a suitable plan of going through each door.

In most cases, you’re required to disassemble the door pieces or stair railings that can hinder movement.

Placing the Fridge on a Dolly

 In a tilted angle, slide the instrument towards the dolly. Ensure the movement is slow. If the device lacks wheels, place rollers underneath it before sliding. Next, lift it by its sides and place it on the dolly. You need at least one extra person to lift the weight. Don’t forget to strap the instrument.

Move the Dolly

Tilting it to at most 45 degrees, pull the dolly carefully with someone guiding through obstacles. The movement must be slow especially downstairs. In such a case, move the dolly a single step downstairs.Guide it into the vehicle with the aid of a ramp. A ramp saves more energy as compared to manual lifting.

Inside the truck, secure the appliance by placing other furniture around its base. It is recommended to leave the instrument on its dolly while transporting. This makes unloading easier.

Unload and Plug

 After going through successful packing and transportation procedures, unloading is not laborious. In fact, the same steps are observed when unpacking.

A more significant point to note is waiting for at least 3 hours to plug it back. Most fridges take at an average of 3 days before returning to their original temperature control state.

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