All You Need to be Acquainted with about Moving in the Summer

  • 05.04.2019
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All You Need to be Acquainted with about Moving in the Summer

Much relocation happens during the summer which means that long distance moving services in Moncton are always busy. Preparation is essential if you are to transfer during this season.

Roughly 50% of all transfers take place during this time

About five million Canadians move annually, and half of this sum moves during this season. Moving is popular around this time because the prevailing weather conditions make it easier to change locality with minimal hassle. School going children are on a break during this time, and work schedules are more flexible making this period ideal for a change in locale.

Things to factor in when moving in summer

Moving during this time may seem appropriate, but certain elements must be thought through. For instance, most long distance moving companies in Moncton are busy at this time making it necessary for you to acquire a quote earlier.

  1. Staying hydrated is a must

Given the high temperature and increased movement that comes with moving, loss of body fluids may lead to drying out. Have plenty of water with you and other liquids as well to help you stay hydrated at all times.

  1. Ultraviolet rays protection should not be overlooked

Being exposed to UV lights comes with certain repercussions that may be costly to treat. Sunscreen protection should be used at all times. Wearing a brimmed hat and sunglasses that are UV protected are among the measures that you can put in place.

  1. Dress for the occasion

Clothes worn should provide the utmost comfort and ease of movement during relocation. Clothes that are light in color made of breathable material and fit loosely should be worn.

  1. Morning moves are cooler

Temps are much lower in the morning as compared to afternoons making it appropriate for one to move during the early hours of the day.

  1. Not all items can tolerate high temperatures

Items that are prone to damage by heat such as plants, candles, and certain electronics should be handled with care. If possible, move with them in your air-conditioned medium of transport instead of using the moving truck.

  1. Work towards ensuring that you are cool at all times

There are various tips that you can rely on to maintain your calm. Before starting to the new home, make sure that the utilities are all in working condition. This way you can turn on your air conditioner immediately you arrive.

Battery powered transferable fans will come in handy to make sure that you preserve an ideal body temperature in the hassle of moving.

Old spray bottles can be washed and turned into portable coolers for the moving activity.

Wet towels can also be used to sponge the neck and face when need be. The cloth to be used can be placed in ice for a more relaxing feel.

  1. Move on weekdays

Moving during this period comes with lots of challenges to relocation enterprises and tenants alike. Planning to move in the week is ideal since most people tend to be busy around this time. Prepare early enough and book a moving company before other relocation plans are set in motion.

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