Tips On A Stress-Free Moving

  • 22.11.2018
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Relocating shouldn’t have to be a thing that you dread, rather, it should be easy and anxiety-free. We are aware that a lot of people struggle to make their move fun, which is why Long Distance Moving Service Kensington has come up with a list of tips to help them out.

  1. What to do before the move

Go over all your properties and get rid of all that you do not need. Come up with a timetable for when each room will be boxed up, starting with the hardest to pack which is the kitchen. Make sure that you get just enough foodstuffs to last you until the D-day to avoid having too much left behind.

Another thing to check on is the change of address. Do this two weeks before the day and let your providers know including the bank, magazine subscriptions, etc.

  1. Packing like a professional

It would be much easier for you if you employ an expert moving company to do the packing for you. Apart from saving time, this helps to make sure that your goods are safe. Pack a bag with things that you will use as you settle such as toiletries and other essentials. Get a single box and put in things that will be used on the first night and day after the move such as towels, paper plates, utensils, toilet paper, etc. To make things flow faster, color coordinate and tag boxes by room so that when the movers arrive, they will know where exactly to place them.

  1. Good packing tips

Save on using too many boxes by packing some items in other cases. For instance, you can put books in the suitcases, which offer more protection since they are stronger and also have wheels which make it easy to transport them.

For clothes, get a garbage bag and slide it up over them with the hangars still in place. Avoid putting too much stuff in the bags and go with ten hangers or less. Instead of carrying boxes on your back, cut upside down triangles on both sides of the boxes and use them as handles. As for glasses, get cartons that are already sectioned to keep them from bumping into each other and breaking.

One doesn’t have to empty all the drawers as they can be carried the way they are. All that you need to do is make sure they are wrapped shut using saran wrap.

  1. Knickknacks to keep safe

Have any valuable objects and vital documents with you and not in the truck. This is to avoid a headache that comes with any of these precious things such as jewelry and crucial documents like passports getting lost or misplaced.

For liquids, have them transported in the trunk to keep them from spilling over the other goods that are in the moving truck. Check that the tops of cleaning supplies, toiletries are wrapped with saran and then the lids screwed on tightly.

  1. Things to remember

A perfect tip to make a moving project easier is to wrap a rubber band around the inside and outside of door handles. This helps to keep them from unintentionally getting locked. Come up with a playlist of your favorite songs, or the hit songs to keep everyone entertained and help the time go by faster.

Set up a food station as well, and stock it with snacks and some junk food. Forget about healthy food for this day only and get snacks that you love such as cookies or Cheetos. Let the movers know that they can dig in as well.

Once you have arrived at the new abode, reward yourself for all that hard work and get a massage, order in some pizza or your favorite junk food and relax.

No one wants to have to sleep on the floor, particularly after such a tiring journey, thus make sure that the first thing to set up is the beds.

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