Purchasing Relocating Blankets

  • 21.06.2019
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Changing homes can be exciting since it is the beginning of a new chapter in most people’s lives. However, the process of doing so comes with the risk of damage and breakage to belongings. The damage could range from as minimal as a broken plate or cup to as big as the defacement of a fridge or hot tub. Even with such dangers to worry about, there are ways that one can mitigate the chance of their occurrence during the organization and hauling process whether you are handling it alone or with the help of experts like the Long Distance Moving Service in Moncton.

Plastic wrap, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap is the most commonly used items for cushioning belongings. However, these tools can be ineffective in the case of furniture and big appliances like refrigerators. This is where relocating blankets come into the picture. The growing use of these covers when arranging and hauling items has made them readily available in not only stores but also the web. We compile some of the finest places to visit to purchase some for your relocation.

Home Depot

Home Depot is among the leading stores to visit when looking for not only home improvement equipment but also relocating supplies. Blankets also fall in this category, and buyers are provided with a variety of options starting from standard covers crafted out of reprocessed substances to high-grade ones that are double-sided. In the case of the latter, the outer layer is usually interworked to last longer while the inner layer is made soft to avoid leaving scratches on your belongings.

Home Depot blankets usually retail between nine and thirty-seven dollars to accommodate varying budgets. In most cases, markdowns are applied when making a large purchase. The covers come in three different sizes which are:

  • Seventy-two by fifty-four feet
  • Eighty by seventy-two feet
  • One hundred and forty-four by eighty feet


Walmart is one of the biggest retail corporations in North America and an excellent source for relocating blankets. These stores offer not only the most extensive collection of these covers but also some of the lowest price tags. For instance, a pack of twenty-four sheets costs about eighty dollars, which makes the price of each a little over three dollars. You can also opt for single pieces sized at eighty by seventy-two feet or seventy-two by fifty-four feet.

Rent Some

Most reliable relocating agencies usually have blankets and other packing appliances for hire, and East Coast Movers is among them. That way, you do not have to worry about keeping the covers once the relocation is over.

Determining How Many You Need

It is recommended to have a dozen blankets for every five feet of trailer length. Therefore, a truck that is twenty feet long requires the use of forty-eight blankets. Also, go through your belongings and determine how many pieces need to be covered and which ones can share a sheet.

Use Available Tools

Ensure you assess all your choices before going out and buying relocating blankets. You could have covered at home that can serve the same purpose, especially if your relocation is small.

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