Pointers on Relocating a Spa or Hot Tub

  • 03.07.2019
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Hot tubs and spas are quickly becoming a standard amenity in apartments and homes thanks to their warm waters that are ideal for relaxation and unwinding. However, having these items can prove hectic when the time comes to relocate. We provide some pointers on how to make this task easier.

  1. Empty it

The first thing to ensure before dismantling and moving a spa or hot tub is that it is drained of all water. Aside from the water that is held in the container, the pipes within the device can hold as much as twenty gallons of fluid. Considering one gallon of water packs eight pounds, the task becomes a lot harder when all these channels are not emptied.

Both the drains at the bottom of the hot tub and piping system should be left open to ensure all the water flows out. In the case of spas, most of them carry a little plug that helps with the process, which is usually put in place for easier plumbing access.

  1. Dismantle it

Water is not the only extra weight that can be taken out of your spa to make hauling it less challenging. Take out any parts that can be detached, such as the panels on the side and its hardcover. In most cases, the latter could weight as much as one hundred and forty pounds, making it sensible to transport the part separately.

  1. Inspect it

It is essential to take a good look at your tub before putting it in the truck and transporting it to see if there is any damage that could hinder its safe arrival at your new place. Significant scratches to the casing of the appliance could result in breakage, which could end up incurring more costs. It is advisable to take care of any damage pre-haul.

  1. Reinforce it

Older tub and spa models often require the use of wooden pallets to ensure they do not get damaged while being moved around. Newer models, however, have robust frames in place that ensure they remain intact during the entire process.

  1. Turn to experts

A tub is not an appliance you want to move alone, so ask around for help from friends and family. Ensure you have enough people to lift the device at once to avoid dragging it by one side only to keep the base safe from any damage. If the spa is too bulky for you and your friends to carry, place a plank of wood beneath it. That way, the device can be pulled without destroying any of its elements.

Additionally, keep the bottom frame of the tub from moving the fiberglass at the top. Such movement can cause cracks in the material that could result in significant damage in the long run.

These tips do make the task of readying your spa for a haul less complicated and reduces the chances of injuring yourself in the process. Long Distance Movers in Woodstock can step in to offer professional services to make things even easier at a good price.

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