Relocating with Kids

  • 14.03.2018
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Relocation can take a toll on your kids as it does on you. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep things as exciting as possible during this time to reduce the stress evoked by the process and instead make it a fun adventure. Long Distance Moving Company Enfield has some pointers to help you and your offspring get to your new place with as little worry as possible.

Include your Children in the home selection process

The kids may not have a say on whether you get to relocate or not, but you can let them have some input on where you get to live next. Scroll through some places you are eyeing with them and pay attention to the ones they resonate with. If they are mature enough, you can let them tag along for the viewings. If you are still in the decision-making process of what you want, have the kids draw up a wish list of what they think the new home should have. However, maintain a realistic vision of the new place. For instance, the kids can each have their own room and a play area.

Buy Bedroom Décor

Let the kids buy something personal that they would want in their rooms; this will keep them excited about getting to the new place. You can place the items in a special container, and let the kids set them up in their rooms as they may.

Have a Farewell Party

You can give it a fun theme that resonates with your kids’ tastes. Letting them say farewell to loved ones and pals will give them a last exciting memory of the people they shared their time within your current place. Plan various activities that will keep them excited.

Let Them Have a Little Piece of their Old Home

This is best done by having them create a memory board, album, or diary. Let them include aspects of the place you are leaving behind so that they can have the memory of their old home with them even when they relocate. Ensure this is done before you embark on the journey to your new place so that they can have as much access to things they want to include from the old home. Once the relocation is done, they can hang the collage on their bedroom walls.

Keep up your Habitual Schedule

Following the same routine, you did in your old home will help things get back to normal as soon as possible. Even though the activities of the first few days may make this quite hard, try and get back to schedule as soon as possible. However, do not be too strict on how it is followed and let things just fall into place on their own.

Put Some Fun in Unpacking

Unpacking is not exactly exciting, so you may need to motivate the young ones by keeping things exciting. You can make a game out of the process by placing various puzzle pieces in the containers during the organizing process. Ensure that the puzzle does not end until the final container is touched. You may want to buy the game in pairs so that lost pieces have replacements.

Have a Family Camp

You do not have to leave your home for this. Just set up camp in your living room, put out the lights, and have a family camp. Use this time to reminisce about what you miss about the old place. During the camp, you can also have fun activities such as scavenger hunts to help the children familiarize themselves with the rooms. Before you can begin, you should look through the house for anything that can pose a danger to the kids’ safety.

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