Effective Tips for Moving With Pets

  • 11.05.2018
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Pets play a big part in family vacations. They complement the fun and enjoyment of holidays. But moving pets doesn’t only mean going for holidays; sometimes, you’re relocating to a new area.

Even though preparing for holidays with pets is a demanding task, relocating with pets to a new location is even tougher. In the first place, most movers are not certified to move pets. Coupled with the paperwork needed when transporting pets in a personal vehicle, the transition can be a stressful encounter. However, various tips enhance an effective move with pets.

The Planning Stage

As the most significant phase of a successful relocation, planning consumes time and resources, not to mention the challenges of long distance relocation. As a result, this stage must be handled well. In addition, the pet doesn’t need to sense a change in environment as they can get anxious and unsettled. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the normal routine of the pet and leave it with the comfortable company of a family member.

Planning should start as early as possible. This ensures everything is in order during the moving day. During this stage, you have to perform many tasks, but the most important duty is to hire a mover. Unlike a local relocation that can take a day, an out-of-province move can take several days or weeks. For a long distance move, keep in mind these points:

  • Keep pet documents like health records easily accessible
  • Check the number of pets that can be handled by an agency
  • Make travel arrangements early enough including making reservations

Experience is critical when hiring a moving agency. Though long distance movers Mont-Tremblant don’t offer pet transportation, they can advise how to handle the process.

Review the Law

Provinces and countries have diverse regulations concerning pets. Provinces usually inspect pets on the border or review your pet health records. Hence, consider contacting the region’s pet offices to know the required documentation.

Check-up Phase

After reviewing the needed documents, proceed to get them before the relocation day. Ensure they remain accessible so that you can produce them promptly. The common documents indicate rabies vaccination and the pet’s health.

The check-up documents are given by your current veterinary officer. For rabies vaccination, the vet signs a vaccination certificate and provides a tag that should not get lost. On the same note, the vet officer checks the pet’s health before giving a health certificate. This certificate is valid after a certain time, so you need to arrive at the new home before the certificate expires.

Transportation Methods

The most commonly used transportation method for pets is using a car, but traveling by air is the most suitable option for a long distance move. In both cases, observe safety to your pet and try to maintain its normal routine. As a result, carry bowls, first aid kit, chains, and grooming tools. You might also consider transporting the pet in its carrier to prevent any distraction or effects of bad weather.

When it comes to air travel, review policies of different airlines since airlines have different regulations. These regulations determine the number of pets that can be transported, the animal breed allowed, and cost of the journey.

Check these reminders when using air travel:

  • Airliners might not allow transportation of a big pet in your cabin
  • Arrive early to prepare your pet for the journey
  • Make arrangements for picking the pet as soon as the plane arrives
  • Tie pets firmly to its crate using chains

When transporting pets, a pet agency is needed. The agency will provide the shipping supplies and advice on any critical step. As soon as you arrive at the destination, take the pet to a quiet place and proceed with unpacking. Supply it with necessities like toys.

Like humans, pets undergo adjustment time. Throughout this period, maintain a routine for the pet. Coupled with training it to adapt to the system, the pet will adjust to the change within few weeks.

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