Tips On Relocating Toys

  • 28.03.2018
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Tips On Relocating Toys

Children do not take it too well when it comes to losing their toys. It is inevitable that some toys will get lost when you are relocating. As experienced movers, Long Distance Movers Milford Station has some ideas to help you go about carefully moving your child’s toys.

  1. Prior to the haul, ask your child to organize their toys

If your child or children are old enough to organize by themselves, ask them to put the toys they want to keep in one space and the ones they do not need any more in another. After they have done this, go through the two piles yourself and remove any broken piece that is not needed. You can put these away in a recycling bin.

  1. Clean the toys before organizing them

Some toys may be dusty or may have mold on them, and it is important to clean them all up to avoid carrying germs from your old home into the new one. In case you are not all that comfortable with using bleach or chemicals to clean them up, there are some natural alternatives on the internet. The toys can also be cleaned up after the haul because they can also pick up some dirt while in transit. Put all the cleaned-up toys in a bin with a sealable lid to ensure that they stay dry to avoid mold, especially if the haul is a long distance one.

  1. Look for toys you can sell instead of trashing them

Before you do this, make sure your child is okay with some of their toys being sold, or you will have to deal with a heartbroken kid. An idea of whom to sell to is antique toy collectors or dealers, who will be more than happy to get the toys out of your hands.

  1. Ensure you have the right organizing tools

Some toys are fragile and break very easily. If you still have the toys’ original packaging, you can put them in that. Just in case you do not, which is the case most times, you can make use of plastic wrap or wrap them in clothes or cloths. You can also line the boxes with crushed cushioning paper to cushion the toys. Another idea for organizing the delicate toys is to put them in a different box from the others.

Start with larger toys by placing them indirectly. Once the bigger ones are all in the box, then you can put the smaller ones on top So that the small ones do not get lost, you could also put them together in zip-top bags.

For the gaps in the boxes, you can use crushed packing paper to help you fill them. This is because if you do not fill them, there is a bigger possibility of the toys moving during the journey.

The toys also need to stay dry, especially the stuffed ones. Think about getting plastic bins for that, which can also be reused as toy organizers in your new house.

Finally, make sure that everything is sealed and marked. Packing tape makes sure the boxes stay shut. For the box with the fragile toys, make sure that it has the writing “FRAGILE” on it so that the crew can handle it with extra caution.

As you have seen, a lot of thought and preparation goes into organizing up toys. When doing so, make sure you pack and relocate them in a way that will keep them in top shape. If you need any other help planning your relocation, contact Long Distance Movers Milford Station,and we will be more than glad to help, and also transport your belongings.

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