Piano Relocation

  • 01.10.2019
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Pianos are some of the most eye-catching elements in a home despite how often they are put to use. However, even if these articles are sites to behold, they can be the source of significant distress when handling a relocation. Whether the item has to be moved to another room within the house or across the country, there is no denying that the task is challenging. Not only does one need a significant enough workforce to handle its bulky weight but also appropriate tools to ensure that its elements are taken apart correctly to avoid any damage.

Working with Experts

Due to the tasking nature of relocating pianos, many long-distance movers in Calgary AB have invested in including it to their list of services. On average, grand pianos pack weight of as many as one thousand pounds. Even the tiniest of these pieces weigh as much as three hundred pounds. Not only are they heavy, but they also have a lot of monetary value attached to them with some ranging as high as one hundred thousand dollars. Therefore, turning to experts stands as an ideal option to avoid damage that would result in thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement.

Prepping the Piece for The Relocating Crew

Before you can begin the preparation process in expectation of the relocating team, have a look at your piano and discern which kind it is. Most people are usually already aware of what type they have, but if you do not, keenly assess elements like the weight, shape, and design to know which kind it is.

The smallest of them all is the spinet, which usually comes in the form of a small table with the keys extending out of one side. Its small size does not warrant any dismantling and can be handled by a workforce of about five people. The standard upright piano comes in second, and it shares a lot of similarities with the spinet, especially when it comes to the design. However, they are usually taller and pack more weight. Therefore, a dolly built for ferrying the furniture has to be used.

The biggest piano of them all is the grand piano, which weighs an impressive one thousand pounds thanks to the lengthy keyboard it carries and intricate mechanics that help in its functioning. Therefore, it will have to be taken apart to be hauled from one place to the other. This piece is also the priciest, which means a lot of caution has to be applied when handling it.

Once you identify the kind of piano you have, you can proceed to inform your chosen Calgary moving company so that they can come prepared with the necessary tools to handle it. Before they arrive, you can cover the effect with blankets or sheets to ensure that its delicate casing is not scratched if other relocation activities are happening around the house.

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