Reusable Relocating Containers Industry

  • 16.03.2018
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Relocating is an activity that is undertaken by millions of people every year, and most of them are turning towards reusable containers rather than purchasing new ones or depend on goodwill. Some of the reasons that have mainly contributed to this factor include:

  • Unavailability in stores
  • Lack of space to haul them back to your house if you do get them
  • Not sturdy enough to hold your belongings
  • Paucity of handholds that makes the task of carrying them more difficult
  • Different sizes and shapes that may not suit your goods and chattels
  • The difference in sizes may interfere with the stacking process
  • There is the added task of collapsing them after use to store them for recycling

When it comes to reusable crates, they are quite easy to use and are delivered in various sizes upon request. They come in a range of plastic containers to cardboard which movers can select between. This piece sifts through the rising popularity if hiring reusable relocating containers and dolly equipment.

To begin with, this industry offers prices that can compete with those of new ones, and the clients get to enjoy the convenience of having them delivered at their doorstep and picked up once they are done.

The business of reusable crates has been up and running for about twenty years, which is far less than that of cardboard boxes, which dates back more than fifty years. Even though they started out small, they currently have numerous outlets across the globe. Their services cover a wide range of relocation such as residential and offices.

The beauty of turning to such agencies is that aside from containers, long distance movers Corner Brook get to rent additional relocating tools. For instance, one can have equipment such as dollies, shredding bins, and cushioning supplies to use during the relocation.

Reusable Relocating Crates Agencies

When it comes to the reusable crates business, two agencies dominate the scene: BungoBox and FrogBox. The latter has been in operation since 2008 and has its head office in Vancouver. They specialize in the provision of such containers for hire. The agency has grown to have over twenty offices across the Canada.

FrogBox states that as much as the idealistic part of putting up relocating containers for hire sounds simple, its execution takes more than most people think. A variety of tools are required in enough supply for the franchise to be a success.

Even though numerous agencies are in the field, FrogBox maintains that they are better able to handle clients who are relocating from one part of the country to the other. BungoBox is also another agency that has managed to encompass numerous provinces in their years of existence.

When it comes to the purchase of a franchise, various reasons provide solid cause one why one should proceed with it. One of the main ones is the provision of evidence that the business makes a profit and has efficient systems in place.

Even with big advantages, the business has its shortcomings that are presented by the established network’s size – if it is small – and the amount of time the client is bound to have the containers. If the client wants to store their goods in units, cardboard containers may be the best option. If the relocation is happening to an area across the country, agencies that have only one location will stand at the short end of the stick since they will have to ship them back to their offices.

Such disadvantages may exist, but they do not erase the fact that the reusable relocation containers industry is growing continuously in terms of demand.

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