Best Ways To Package Sentimental Pictures

  • 03.09.2019
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Photographs and art pieces bring out the best in any room, making space feel friendly and homely.  Photos, especially of family members and distinct moments in one’s life, are very dear to people’s hearts.

When relocating, it is wise to package them well to prevent them from getting spoilt along the way. It would be heartbreaking to unpack and realize that the pieces you treasure the most got damaged in transit.

The tips given in this article will shed light on some of the best ways to pack those treasured pictures and paintings.

Utilize Suitable Packaging And Hauling Tools

This is a tip that is fit for all the belongings you intend to carry with you to the new home. Strong average boxes are best for packaging small photographs and frames. Ensure they are tough, durable, and made with three times the material of cardboard to ascertain that they will not twist, fall apart, or crumble with ease. As for the larger pieces, there are specialized boxes that can be utilized.

In case one does not have the special boxes and prefer not to purchase them, they can dismantle a box that is larger than the frame and lay it flat. It is advisable to use bubble wrap and other material that will act as cushions.

Protect The Glass On The Frame

The frames that are made of glass are more fragile than those made of plastic and thus require more specialized care. Taping the glass with tape to form an X will prevent the photograph from getting damaged in case the glass shatters. Reduce the chances of breakage by putting more cardboard over the glass and secure it in place using tape.

Enfold The Photographs

Use packing paper and make sure the glass side of the picture is placed face down. Secure the picture in place using tape both across and along the frame. For extra protection, wrap each on its own.

Utilize Bubble Wrap For Art Pieces

Drawings and paintings that are highly sentimental need to be well secured using bubble wrap. This ensures double protection as wrapping paper will be used as well.

Mark The Boxes

The markings should include the contents of the boxes as well as the room to which they belong. Write a cautionary note to anyone that will come into contact with the boxes that the items they hold are fragile and should, therefore, be handled with utmost care.

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