Reducing the Headache of a Long-Distance Relocation

  • 20.06.2018
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It does not matter if one is relocating offices, homes, short distance, or long distance, the process can be a headache. Nonetheless, it is no secret that relocating long distance comes with its own extra set of hurdles. One has to think and make sure everything is ready, and also be ready just in case things go awry. Not only that, but you also have to think of handling clearance at customs, and getting used to the new culture.

Lucky for you, these issues can be avoided contingent on who you contact to help with the haul. Lindsay Long Distance Movers are just the crew to go for since we offer quality proficient services through the following ways:


A stress-free haul begins with skillful and proper preparation. From our many years of practice, we have seen very many dissimilar moves, and we, therefore, recognize that every single haul is unlike and needs a tailor-made way to go about it. Our company gives clients plans that entail all that they may require while seeing to it they do not end up going broke or spending too much cash. The crew will give all the info that you may require to aid you to make choices in regards to the haul while offering benefits like:

  • A quotation at no charge
  • Over fifty years of industry expertise.

Boxing Up Items

Long travels put the possessions at a greater risk of being destroyed or getting lost. Our well accomplished and expert crew will be available on request, to box up articles on your behalf, to ensure that they get to their destination in one piece. There are also specialized packing services for valuables and bulky items. Other benefits one could get from us include;

  • Trained and uniformed professionals
  • Chair and table padding and also making sure the doorways are protected.

Valuation Insurance

Almost more than twenty percent of hauls end up in claims being filed. Even though we make it our duty to try and ensure each haul runs smoothly, there is no doubt that from time to time mishaps occur. For this reason, our company gives its customers some options for insurance, to give their effects extra protection, and make them feel at ease. If you are not certain which is best, we have staff who shall help you out. 

Making Sure Things Get to Their Journey’s End on Time

For the haul to be a smooth one, it is imperative that the moving crew you select to work with making it a priority to deliver the stuff on time and within the financial plan. The amount of planning that takes place during a long distance haul and the logistics may sometimes make it hard to establish a set date, but you should at least be provided with a dependable delivery period.

Safe Storage

After the long journey, some people are usually not in a hurry to get their belongings into their new house. This shouldn’t be a problem. We offer our clients storage spaces which are completely secured from damage, loss or theft. Our company also offers flexible paying plans and friendly prices. Also, there are no hidden fees, and we also offer these storage spaces for both short and long-term.

Professional Aid

Our top most priority is to give the customers a good haul experience, at an affordable cost. This means that we go well out of our way to check that you are comfortable with the haul and it all goes as planned. It could be that you require assistance at customs, help with relocating animals or kids, one could also want to know more about where they are going to live next, etc. we are:

  • Accredited by the BBB
  • The go-to company for celebs, athletes, and homeowners just like you.

Long-Distance Relocation Doneas it Should Be

Lindsay Long Distance Movers certify that the things, money, and peace of mind are well looked after. Our knowledgeable and well competent crew can be mindful of each singular want you might have, and also help take care of any problems that might arise.

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